The Evolution of Abbi and Trey’s Romance on ‘Broad City’


In honor of the 2017 Ships Bracket Tournament, where you can vote for your favorite couples in entertainment, we’re featuring one of our favorite ships every week. First up is none other than Broad City’s hottest couple – Abbi and Trey.

Hottest couple, you say? It’s safe to say that no one saw Abbi and Trey coming. I would have put my money on Bevers over Trey, which says a lot. Being the most unlikely match on the show makes their romance all the more charming.

Parkour & Kirk Steele

In the first season of Broad City, Trey was a weight-lifting, juice-cleansing, parkour enthusiast that was the butt of Abbi and Ilana’s jokes. Trey’s character added the perfect element of comic relief to the show, but he was never someone we took seriously – especially as a love interest. Even Trey’s secret alter-ego, Kirk Steele, the bleach-tipped bro who humps dolphin pool toys to make a few extra bucks on the side, didn’t quite do it for me. At least I wouldn’t admit it out loud if he did.

Forming a Friendship

trey and abbi broad city

Despite Trey’s cringeworthy, cheesy remarks, he has been there for Abbi since the start. He helped her kick off her career as a trainer, gave her time off when she was sick, helped her fix the expensive gym mirror that she broke, and even tried to incorporate her socially into the Soulstice work crew.

The First Kiss

trey broad city with hangover 3 disc

Their first kiss was a drunken mistake. Of course they were wasted on kombucha, because why not? Abbi freaked out and ran away pretty quickly, leaving the rest of us to think that it was a one-time thing. A whole three episodes later, Abbi invites Trey over to keep her company after her apartment gets robbed. He brings over a few movie “classics” – The Hangover 3 and Babe. Oh, Trey. Things heat up and they have sex for the first time, leaving Abbi to wonder if she’s really into Trey.

From Friends to Benefits

Trey broad city with leftovers at restaurant

Trey goes from Abbi’s boss to frenemy to friend to friend-with-benefits to potential boyfriend. I think that Abbi was more shocked than anyone about her feelings. They finally decide to go on an actual date, where Trey admits that he has real feelings for Abbi and wants something more out of their relationship. After Ilana catches them on a date, Abbi proclaims that he means nothing to her. Trey hears Abbi and storms out, which ultimately makes Abbi realize that her feelings for Trey are sincere.

The Future of Their Relationship

trey and abbi broad city on couch awkward conversation

Season 3 ends with their relationship status up in the air. We’ll just have to wait until August to find out what happens next in the Abbi-Trey saga. However, I do know one thing for sure – I ship it. Trabbi Forever! (Ship name is a work in progress.)

Do you love Abbi and Trey as much as I do? Go vote for them in Round 2 of the Ships Bracket Tournament right now!

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