EXCLUSIVE: The Plot of ‘The Raid’ Sequel You’ll Sadly Never See

Chris Tilly

The Raid is one of the best action movies of all-time. As is The Raid 2. These are simple facts. So when FANDOM caught up with writer-director Gareth Evans at Fantastic Fest, we asked what’s going on with The Raid 3. And sadly, the news isn’t good.

Why We Won’t Get The Raid 3

“I doubt it” Gareth said of the sequel we all want. “I had an idea for it. I know what the story would be. But it was so dependent on being closely tied to the time-line of the second movie, I don’t think it would work now.

“Also to be perfectly honest, I think I’m done with that as a franchise now. I don’t see myself going back to it. It doesn’t mean I’m not going to work with the boys again. I can’t wait to work with [star] Iko [Uwais] again at some point. I’d love to find a project that works for us both. But in terms of The Raid, when he says ‘I’m done’ at the end of Part 2, that’s pretty much is me as well.”

The Plot of The Raid 3 We’ll Never See

So if Gareth isn’t making the third one, we asked what that plot would have been…

“The third one? I’ll give you the quick thing — the most controversial aspect of the third one would have been that it’s not Iko’s story. It would have followed the fall-out from the Japanese gang that have ordered executions of all the police and politicians across Jakarta. And what happens when they go into hiding because their bosses in Japan want to get them dead.

“It would have been like a 95-minute/100-minute going off into the jungle-type survival thriller. That would have been fun, but it would have been very, very different. I just never saw another way to get to where Iko’s wife is there and he goes off on another adventure. It’s like ‘Dude, be a Dad for Christ’s-sake.'”

So there you have it. The Raid sequel we’ll sadly never get to see. But Gareth’s new movie Apostle is about to hit Netflix, it’s great, and you can read our review below…

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