Fan Families: Unboxing Match

Meredith Paul
Games Fortnite
Games Fortnite Pokémon
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Fandom brought two parent/child duos together to compete to win amazing collectibles from GameStop. The first duo was comprised of Scott (@norsemeat), a writer and nerd culture expert and his five-year-old son Benjamin, who is a Star Wars expert/big brother. Comedian Betsy (@BetsyStover) and her son Rex — a Pokémon master — made up our second unboxing match family.

Each parent competed against their child for the chance to win cool collectibles from GameStop including: a POP! Town Batman’s 80th Anniversary Batman and Hall of Justice, the Pokémon Trading Card Game: Sun and Moon Cosmic Eclipse Elite Trainer Box, a Pokémon Poke Ball Popcorn Popper, and a Fortnite Cloudstrike Glider Drone and Skull Trooper Figure.

The teams competed in games including a Batman impression game, a Pokémon popcorn eating contest and a Fortnite emotes dance competition! You can pick up these awesome toys and collectibles from GameStop now by clicking this link.

Meredith Paul
Meredith Paul works in Marketing at Fandom and as an actor for whoever will cast her. Her work has has been featured on Bustle, The History Channel, Food Network, InStyle Magazine and others. Seeker on the Gryffindor Quidditch team/defeated Voldemort. Check out her website at