‘Fear the Walking Dead’: Madison ‘Might Be Related’ To ‘TWD’s’ Daryl Dixon

Kim Taylor-Foster
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Kim Dickens, who plays tough cookie Madison Clark in Fear the Walking Dead, says she thinks her character might be related to Daryl Dixon of parent show The Walking Dead.

During the San Diego Comic-Con press conference to promote the show, Dickens was asked about Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman’s hints that the two shows might crossover. Specifically, who she thinks her character might buddy up with from The Walking Dead. Dickens said without missing a beat, “I think Madison might be related to Daryl Dixon.”

Whether she was joking or not wasn’t clear but since the start, we’ve thought it likely that if any one character from Fear could have a connection with someone from the main show it would be Madison. Madison is from Alabama, the next state over from Georgia where many of the Walking Dead episodes are set.

Madison and Daryl have more in common than just their place of birth. Both had troubled home lives growing up, with Madison shooting and killing her violent, alcoholic father when she was still a child. Daryl also grew up with an abusive alcoholic father, and of course, a contentious relationship with his brother Merle.

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Robert Kirkman also used these two characters as examples when he joked at the SDCC panel that Daryl will call Madison on a magical telephone that he finds, setting up the crossover. He went on to say that the prospect of a crossover is tantalising. “I think it’s something we’d love to try and work out.”

However, Fear the Walking Dead showrunner Dave Erickson said in an interview with ComicBook.com: “She’s not related to Rick or anybody else on the other show. And the fact that she’s from the south is really just a coincidence.”

Is it though? Time will tell.

The second half of Fear the Walking Dead Season 3 hits screens on September 10, which means the UK should get it September 11.

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