Find Out What Made Dwayne Johnson “Pissed” on the Set of ‘Rampage’

Chris Tilly

Dwayne Johnson has been talking about what made him angry on the set of video game adaptation Rampage, and it doesn’t involve a giant gorilla, but rather hanging upside down in a plane for an extended period of time.

In an exclusive behind-the-scenes video from the movie — which can be viewed above — Johnson and his fellow cast members discuss shooting the movie’s spectacular aerial action sequence that involves soldiers, a giant silverback, and The Rock. You can see that the filmmakers mocked up an animated ‘previz’ to plan manoeuvres properly, and to let the cast know what to expect.

“It was so great that [director] Brad [Peyton] had it mocked up for me to see the sequence” says Walking Dead star Jeffrey Dewan Morgan, who plays agency man Harvey Russell in the movie. “Because there’s so much going on in that C-17. It has me and Dwayne and Naomie [Harris] and the gorilla and the soldiers. It’s amazing what you can do now with technology.”

Harris — who plays genetic engineer Kate Caldwell — enjoyed the action, stating “I was strung up to the ceiling, flying around in a plane, doing all kinds of stunts.”

But Dwayne Johnson was less enamoured with the process: “Cut to me hanging on a gimble in a plane upside down, p—ed because Brad wants to do take eight. He’s like ‘One more, one more’ and I’m like ‘One more. You get one more’.”

Rampage is released on Digital Download in the UK on August 6, and hits Blu-ray and DVD on August 20. You can watch or read FANDOM’s review below…

Chris Tilly
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