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Lucas DeRuyter
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Justin Rojas hosted the New York Comic Con Funimation Favorites panel which featured clips from some of the best anime available on Funimation. With one of the largest rooms in the convention center filled to capacity, hundreds of fans got to check out some of the most intense, entertaining, and bizarre anime around.

My Hero Academia

A clip from My Hero Academia was the first shown at the panel. The brief clip came from the first season of the anime and showcased the main character, Izuku, meeting the world’s number-one hero and his personal idol, All Might. Fans were delighted to find out that they could catch the final episode of this excellently dubbed anime this upcoming Saturday on Funimation’s streaming service, Funimation Now.

Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super, which had an unbelievable panel just two days ago, was the next clip shown. This segment centered on Vegeta confronting the God of Destruction, Beerus. “Awwws” filled the room as fans were delighted to see one of the Prince of Saiyans’ rare displays of affection.


For all the lovers of muscular shirtless men in attendance, Funimation showed a carefully selected clip of the anime Free that follows the members of a high school boys’ swimming club. This clip featured some of the main characters trying on a series of new swimsuits.


For those who prefer slice-of-life comedy anime, fans saw a few scenes from the anime D-Frag!. This anime follows the life of the delinquent Kenji Kazuma as he reluctantly plays the straight man to increasingly eccentric characters when he is forced to join a struggling Game Creation Club. The clip gave a small glimpse into Kazuma’s exasperating everyday life.

What They Missed

While all of the clips shown were charming in their own right and the selection offered a little something for every kind of anime fan, Funimation has such a deep catalogue that it was hard not to feel like something was missing. These titles were surprisingly missing from the Funimation line-up at the panel.

Cowboy Bebop

Sure, a new episode of Cowboy Bebop hasn’t aired in the US in almost 16 years. But, with a live-action adaptation on the horizon, Funimation could have used this perfect opportunity to remind anime fans of how great the original series really is.

One Piece

While there was no shortage of shonen goodness, everyone’s favorite pirate crew was surprisingly absent considering it is one of Funimation’s best simul-dubs. A couple minutes dedicated to the Straw Hat crew could have reminded viewers that fell off of series that the long-running anime series still going strong. Every anime-related panel should always leave a little room for Luffy and the gang.


One of the clips shown at the panel was from the series Blood Blockade Battlefront, which is a pretty fun show that is highly reminiscent of the anime Durarara!!. However, the panel could have improved if they showed a clip from Durarara!! instead. It’s not that BBB is bad, it’s just that it can’t quite stand up to a series that provides as much complex inter-personal drama as Game of Thrones.

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