The 9 Funniest Superhero Movies Ever Made

Drew Dietsch
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What are the funniest superhero movies? There are plenty of contenders and no list could do justice to the many comedic moments that have been sprinkled throughout all of superhero cinema. But, we wanted to single out some of the top entries in the superhero comedy genre. These flicks are guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Here are the nine funniest superhero movies of all time.

Batman: The Movie (1966)

The ’60s television version of Batman is comic book camp at its finest. Adam West and Burt Ward brought a knowingly goofy energy to the characters that endeared them to an entire generation of fans. When the time came for a big screen version of the show, the filmmakers pulled out all the stops.

Bringing together four of the Caped Crusader’s most fiendish foes — Catwoman, the Joker, the Penguin, and the Riddler — Batman: The Movie is a colorful celebration of the lunacy that superhero antics often get into. This is a movie with rocket-powered umbrellas, a penguin-themed submarine, and the best bomb disposal scene in movie history. Batman: The Movie is an all-ages delight that only gets funnier with each viewing.

The Toxic Avenger (1984)

The infamous Troma Studios had the first major hit with this genre mashup of monster movie, splatstick comedy, and superhero film. After a cruel prank from some punks, 90-pound weakling Melvin falls into a barrel of toxic waste. He transforms into a hideously deformed creature with superhuman strength. After the accident, Melvin decides to fight crime and get revenge on the bullies that caused his mutation.

The Toxic Avenger is the quintessential trashterpiece. It’s overly gory, ridiculously vulgar, and totally uninterested in taking itself seriously. This isn’t one for the faint of heart tor the easily offended. But, if you like your comedies gross and gonzo, you owe it to yourself to track this flick down.

The Mask (1994)

Based on the darker comic book from John Arcudi and Doug Mahnke, The Mask takes the premise of a nerdy loser obtaining godlike powers and plays it up in the wackiest ways possible. Stanley Ipkiss (a young Jim Carrey) finds a magical mask that’s inhabited by the spirit of the trickster god Loki. After using the mask’s abilities to get revenge on those who have wronged him, he runs afoul of a demented gangster who wants the mask for himself.

The Mask is a great sendup of the superpowered genre and the Looney Tunes approach gives it a lot of enjoyable chaotic energy. Add to that an unhinged performance from Jim Carrey and this is a flick that is nearly nonstop with its laughs. Ignore the annoying sequel and stick to the beloved original.

Mystery Men (1999)

Another obscure comic book that got the theatrical treatment, Mystery Men concerns a group of wannabe superheroes who can’t seem to break into the big time. After the city’s greatest champion is kidnapped by the evil Casanova Frankenstein, the team decides to recruit some new members and finally fulfill their dreams of being heroes.

Mystery Men is a relentlessly absurd movie that’s filled to the brim with excellent actors and goofball moments. It’s far more silly than it is serious, but that silliness almost always works like gangbusters. This has become something of a forgotten ’90s gem and it deserves a little more recognition for its willingness to be so off-the-wall.

Super (2010)

Before James Gunn jumped into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he made this subversive little indie film about a mentally unstable man taking up vigilantism as a costumed crusader called the Crimson Bolt. After his wife is taken from him by a sleazy drug dealer, Frank (Rainn Wilson) becomes a crimefighter with the hopes of cleaning up the streets and setting an example. Unfortunately, he’s pretty inept and his antics only lead to a lot of gruesome violence.

Super is basically a better version of something like Kick-Ass. It takes a “what if someone actually tried to be a superhero?” premise and injects it with a ton of pathos and dark humor. This is a bizarre, beautiful, and bonkers flick that deserves to be heralded as a cult classic. Speaking of James Gunn…

Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is known for its commitment to a lighthearted tone when it comes to its superheroes, but none of the films were ever too raucous. Enter Guardians of the Galaxy. This sci-fi adventure brings together some of the strangest characters in the Marvel canon and makes them bounce off one another with effortless glee.

Guardians of the Galaxy is arguably the best Marvel Cinematic Universe ever made. It has a swagger all its own and tons of style to boot. Thanks to a stellar cast and continuous chuckles, this is one of the only MCU films you can watch all on its own and still have a brilliant time.

Deadpool (2016)

Deadpool changed comic book films forever. Ryan Reynolds brought an irreverent charm to the genre like nobody else had ever attempted. The story of mercenary Wade Wilson and his love affair with Vanessa Carlysle is almost an afterthought when you look at how strongly people responded to Deadpool’s fourth-wall-breaking sense of humor and purposefully naughty nature.

That’s not to take away from Deadpool as a successful piece of storytelling. It’s a wild ride that works thanks to its simplistic nature. But, nobody can deny just how much audiences have fallen in love with the Merc with a Mouth. He’s here to stay and his debut film is definitely a must-see.

The Lego Batman Movie (2017)

After years of dark and brooding takes on Batman, The Lego Batman Movie came along and did a cartoonish sendup of the Dark Knight. Filled with references to Batman’s long and storied pop culture past, The Lego Batman Movie is both a love letter to fans and a celebration of how diverse in tone and approach the character of Batman can be.

It’s also incredibly funny. Will Arnett’s overly gruff portrayal of Batman is a joy, and the lengths to which the story goes are insanely comical. If you’ve ever wanted to see Batman fight Voldemort and the gremlins, this is a movie you need to see sooner rather than later.

Thor: Ragnarok (2017)

Before Thor: Ragnarok, the Thor films always felt a little too high and mighty. Their approach to mythical storytelling never quite worked. Thankfully, director Taika Waititi stepped in on this third installment and injected a ton of kookiness into the world of Asgard. Chris Hemsworth is unleashed as a lovable dope and the loose nature of the comedy allows for some fantastic improvisation.

And the aggressive sci-fi tone of the film only enhances just how nutty this entry is. Though the drama suffers a bit, it’s almost worth it for how consistently funny Thor: Ragnarok is. With this and Guardians of the Galaxy, the Marvel Cinematic Universe proves it works best when it’s going for pure laughs.

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