Holiday Gift Guide 2018: Best Gifts for PC Gamers

Evan Killham
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Having a PC fan in your life can be a bit much to handle during the holidays. Whether your gift recipient uses their rig for gaming, work, or a little of both. But it can be tough to shop for them, especially since they probably built their own computer and have everything in there they need.

But that’s not to say you can’t still get them something that will be useful or fun. Here are some gift ideas for that PC-loving friend or family member as we enter the holiday season.

Legion Y730 17” Gaming Laptop

Featured Sponsored Product. It’s pretty simple. A gamer needs a rig that can keep up with the action and keep them atop the leaderboard. That’s where Lenovo Legion’s monster 17-inch gaming laptop comes into play. The Legion Y730 features top-shelf Nvidia GeForce GTX graphics and screaming 8th Gen Intel Core i7 processors. On top of that, it’s a sleek, modern, and purpose-built machine without those silly dragons, lizards, or racing stripes. Oh, and that customizable RGB keyboard is pretty slick, too.

Lenovo Yoga Wireless Mouse

Lenovo Yoga Wireless Mouse

Featured Sponsored Product. The Yoga mouse sure is a looker, but while you’re admiring it, you may very well miss some cool hidden functionality. It’s actually a two-in-one device. You can use it as a regular mouse with the clicking and dragging. But if you want to watch a movie, you just flip it over. The bottom has media controls that will save your giftee from having to get a second remote, which they’d probably lose anyway because those things are often ridiculously tiny.

Anker 10-Port USB Hub

Anker 10-Port USB Hub

One can always use more USB ports. They’re good for external speakers, webcams, controllers, microphones, and they’ll even charge a phone. So it’s easy to run out of available space as one’s setup develops. Hubs like this Anker can convert a single port into 10 and save your friend the trouble of having to decide what gets to be plugged in. Because it can all be plugged in with this thing, and that’s just way easier.

Lenovo Explorer Headset

Featured Sponsored Product. The Explorer is a headset that works on the Windows Mixed Reality platform to put games, apps, and work right in the wearer’s face in three dimensions. It only takes a minute to set up; it’s just two cables and no cameras or sensor bars. Once it’s hooked up, your happy giftee can get to the important work of playing super immersive video games. And working, of course. Some of it will definitely be work.

Merax Office/Gaming Chair

Merax Gaming Chair

Unless they’ve sprung for a standing desk or have set something up on their own, your PC-user is going to need somewhere to sit while they’re doing all that computer-ing. This chair looks cool and has about a dozen places to adjust for ergonomics and comfort. It’s important to be cozy with all that screen time we log every day. And it’s crucial to have a chair that will change to fit you.

Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey

Spartan soldier Assassins Creed Odyssey gameplay

If your PC user is a gamer, they’ll need some software to fill in some of that time between serious, responsible projects. Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey, the latest entry from developer Ubisoft’s time-spanning action series takes players to Ancient Greece to take the role of one of two powerful Spartan warriors. This is the earliest era in franchise history, but all the free-running, swordplay, and boat combat that have marked the past few installments are still in place. And yes, they can kick people off of cliffs like in 300. Ubisoft knows what it’s doing.

Klip Cable Protectors

Klip Cord Protector

Once your friend has all of their peripherals hooked up, it’s a good idea to give all those cables a bit of protection. Klips attach at the most vulnerable spots of any cord — right by the ports — to stave off fraying, bending, and loss of the protective, rubberized covering. And if that’s not useful enough, each of the five included pairs is a different color. That means your friend won’t have to guess which end goes with which.

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