Why the New ‘God of War’ Might Be Just as Tear-Jerking as ‘The Last of Us’

Tom Regan

Recently, video games have started to grow up. While players are still spoilt for options when it comes to fun arcade thrills, the last decade has seen the medium really grow when it comes to storytelling.

Whether its the masterful emotioneering of last year’s indie sleeper hit What Remains Of Edith Finch, or Square Enix’s hauntingly existential Nier: Automata, interactive entertainment no longer just makes people smile — it can make them think, too.

Sony has been a big believer in the power of cinematic, narrative-driven experiences. Yet if there’s one franchise you wouldn’t expect to tell an emotional tale, it’s Santa Monica’s God Of War.

We’ve already talked about how impressed we were with the 2018 reboot, yet what many fans of the franchise may not realise is the God Of War of 2018 packs an emotional sucker punch.

Sitting down with the game’s creative director Cory Barlog, he reveals why he decided to portray Kratos in a new light and just exactly what this game means to him. Thanks to the new father-son dynamic, thematically what we’ve seen of the game so far feels very reminiscent of another narrative-driven Sony game — The Last Of Us.

With Kratos struggling to reconcile his violent and brooding nature with his newfound role as a father, what we saw of the game hinted at an incredibly moving tale of father and son… albeit one where you hit a lot of demons in between the parenting.

Cory talks about his own struggles with parenthood, making a story that will stand the test of time, taking inspiration from Pixar, and how he wanted to deliver a more grounded and intense player experience.

We could write it all out for you here, but where would the fun be in that? Check out the interview in all its glory at the top of the page.

Tom Regan
Having written for everyone from Trusted Reviews to The Guardian, Tom is a London based writer who can't stop talking about games. Now he's joined the team at FANDOM as gaming editor, we have to constantly remind ourselves that he's not actually Ed Sheeran.
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