‘Gotham’: Fans Won’t Recognize Lee Thompkins in Season 4

Kim Taylor-Foster
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Morena Baccarin says her Gotham character, Lee Thompkins, adopts a whole new look in Season 4 that renders her unrecognizable.

During a round-table interview at New York Comic Con, the Deadpool actor told journalists: “You won’t recognize her at first. I think it comes from just wanting to be anonymous again and having people not know who she is. [It’s] also part of where she wants to blend into this new world, and the Narrows is a lot of denim and a lot of leather jackets and a lot of grungy, far-out kind of stuff. So, it’s more like that. A little more earthy.”

But it’s not just a change of clothes, it seems. Baccarin stresses that we won’t know it’s her straight away: “I have a prosthetic nose, I have ears…”.

Teaming Up With Nygma and Grundy

This season, Thompkins teams up with Ed Nygma and Solomon Grundy, who makes his debut in Episode 5, which is called “A Dark Knight: The Blade’s Path.” Grundy is the alter ego of Butch Gilzean, who was felled by a shot to the head in Season 3 and whose real name was revealed to be Cyrus Gold. The trio connects amid the seedy surroundings of The Narrows.

Solomon Grundy actor Drew Powell, who joined Baccarin at the round table alongside Ed Nygma actor Cory Michael Smith, said, “This iteration of Lee is really interesting.”

Baccarin agreed. “She’s kind of all over the place,” she said. “She still has her moral compass — because she’s just a good person — but she’s sort of all over the place, and a little bit more like ‘anything goes to get the job done.’ What her cause is is much more noble than it has been. She just doesn’t give up.”

Baccarin also revealed that a scene with Erin Richards’ Barbara allows Lee to finally “clock her in the face.”

We can’t wait to see events unfold.

Kim Taylor-Foster
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