Happy 10th Anniversary to the Funniest Half-Life Fanfic Video of All Time

Jack DeVries
Games PC Gaming
Games PC Gaming

Back in January 2008, when YouTube was still the wild west of the Internet, a channel called ICTON changed the world. Using Garry’s Mod and taking a Half-Life fanfiction that seems like it was written by a small child, they did a dramatic reenactment of the greatest Half-Life spinoff of all time, complete with every grammatical error and a lot of silliness. To this day still the closest thing we have to a Half-Life 3.

For your viewing pleasure, whether it be nostalgic or brand new, enjoy Half-Life: Full Life Consequences.

So many popular Internet things from a decade ago have aged pretty horribly, but one of the things that makes Full Life Consequences still enjoyable a decade later is that it perfectly dances on the line of teasing. It’s not mean spirited, it’s a celebration of the sillier corners of the Internet. Almost two years after Full Life Consequences premiered, Axe Cop would do the same thing with comics, taking a child’s nonsense and turning it to comedy gold.

A year later the peeps at ICTON followed Full Life Consequences up with a sequel, based on a fanfiction from the same author. Thank goodness for fanfiction.net, a place that holds a very poorly written Jak and Daxter fanfiction written by yours truly when I was 13, and I imagine a few embarrassing secrets for many of you out there.

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