How to Nail ‘Happytime Murders’ Cosplay with P.I. Phil Philips

Kim Taylor-Foster
Movies Cosplay
Movies Cosplay

Cosplay is a serious business. And if you’re going to do it, you’d better go all in. But which character to pay homage to through dress-up? If Deadpool 2’s Cable isn’t your bag, we’ve got you covered. Happytime Murders cosplay is the next big thing. Promise.

The Happytime Murders introduces audiences to a brand new pop culture icon worthy of mimicking. PI Phil Philips is a blue puppet. But more than that, he’s the lead, opposite Melissa McCarthy, in a new film that will make you see puppets in a whole new light. Phil investigates alongside McCarthy’s Detective Connie Edwards in Brian Henson’s R-rated serial killer comedy-thriller in which puppets co-exist alongside humans. The content of the Jim Henson Company creation is blue in more ways than just the colour of Phil’s fuzzy face. It’s full of graphic sex references and swear words that turn the air a vibrant shade of cerulean.

In anticipation of Phil’s imminent entry into the world of fandom, we promptly assembled a stellar Phil get-up and went straight to P.I. Phil Philips himself to get his opinion on our costume. And advice on how to make it better. As if that were needed (it blatantly was).

You can watch Phil’s reaction and tips in the video above. His top three cosplay tips are also laid out below:

  1. Get the outfit and sleep in it for a few days.
  2. Hang out in a smoke-filled, windowless bar.
  3. Instead of aftershave, just splash a little grain alcohol around the collar.

How We Pulled Off ‘Happytime Murders’ Cosplay

Happytime Murders cosplay
Nailed it.

Follow these steps if you want to copy our take on Phil cosplay — then simply apply Phil’s tips to totally nail Happytime Murders cosplay. No need to thank us.

  1. Borrow a pair of ill-fitting men’s grey office trousers.
  2.  Buy a heavy, short-length donkey jacket online.
  3. Acquire a crumpled cream work shirt, and white T-shirt to wear underneath.
  4. Add a pair of plain black flat shoes.
  5. Re-purpose a black military harness to make a police vest.
  6. Write the word ‘POLICE’ on a piece of card and slot it into the front of the vest.
  7. Stick blue felt onto a wrestling mask and cut out eye and mouth holes.
  8. Make ears and nose by cutting shapes out of a blue bathroom sponge and glueing onto mask.
  9. Attach black fur for eyebrows.
  10. Buy movie-quality wig.
  11. Use blue surgical gloves for Phil’s hands.

The Happytime Murders hits screens in Australia on August 23, the US on August 24 and the UK on August 27.

Kim Taylor-Foster
Kim Taylor-Foster is Entertainment Editor for Fandom in the UK. She was raised on an unsteady diet of video nasties and violent action flicks.