5 Wild Internet Theories on How Steve Trevor Is Alive in ‘Wonder Woman 1984’

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Today Warner Bros. announced the start of production on Wonder Woman 2 and its official title: Wonder Woman 1984.

Director Patty Jenkins and lead actress Gal Gadot also released the first images from the film — one of Diana looking at a monitor of images from the ’80s — and one of STEVE TREVOR. Yes. Steve Trevor from the first film. What? How?

The images threw Twitter into a frenzy, especially since Steve Trevor died in the first film. Is Chris Pine playing the same Steve Trevor? Is Pine playing a relative of Trevor? Did Trevor time travel? You’ve got theories and so does the internet, so let’s take a look at some of the best ones out there:

Steve Trevor’s Grandson

This theory comes from Twitch streamer Trisha! She mentions both the time loops and Steve Trevor’s grandson. Let’s focus on the latter. So, Steve Trevor died in 1918. Let’s say, for arguments sake, that he had a son — Steve Trevor Jr. If Trevor Jr. was born in 1918, and he waited until World War II was over to have kids, he would be 31 in 1949.

Let’s say Trevor Jr. and his wife have a son in 1949 and name him Steve Trevor III. That would make Steve Trevor’s grandson, Trevor the III, 35 years old in 1984. It works! It totally works! Chris Pine is only 37, so the timeline really could add up here.

This wouldn’t be the first time the same actor has played two different members of the Trevor family either. Actor Lyle Waggoner played both Trevor Sr. and Jr. in the Wonder Woman TV series.

Steve Trevor is Actually Steve Rogers

This theory comes from Barbarella and she points out the spooky similarities Steve Trevor shares with another superhero Steve — Steve Rogers — who also died in a plane crash during a world war.

The connections are clearly there. Both Steves fought in great world wars. They both fell in love with women who were strong, beautiful, and powerful (Diana and Peggy Carter). They both got into planes at the end of their respective films to save the world. They both gave their lives.

So, is Stever Trevor going to be found in 1984 in a patch of ice somewhere off the coast of Germany? We’ll have to wait and see!

Diana Rescued Steve from Hades

This one comes from Dammy C and we are here for it. How could the original Steve Trevor come back if he was dead? Diana rescues his soul from Hades. Diana’s an immortal goddess, right? She can traverse mystical realms and converse with other gods like her, right?

So, Pedro Pascal (Game of Thrones) is god of the underworld and to redeem the soul of the man she loves, she must venture into hell to find him and bring him back. This would keep the mythology and mysticism alive in the film and hey, who wouldn’t want to see Diana slaying demons in the underworld?

Steve is a Villain in Disguise

This one comes from Asher and we’re not going to lie, it hurts a little. Asher theorizes that Pine is actually playing a villain who is disguising himself or herself as Diana’s love, Steve. This could be plausible for a number of reasons.

Mainly, we know that Kristin Wiig is playing Cheetah in the film. Cheetah is a shapeshifter. In the comics, Cheetah could mainly transform between her human self — Barbara Ann Minerva — and her animal self. However, if this theory were to be true, perhaps she can transform into other people as well.

As Asher points out, this would be a very painful deception to play upon Diana and one that could leave her vulnerable to Cheetah’s plans.

Steve Trevor is a Highlander

This one comes from Matt Singer, EIC at ScreenCrush. Now, this one is a little more than far fetched, but bare with us. Steve Trevor is alive in Wonder Woman 1984 because he’s… wait for it… actually an immortal Highlander!

What’s a Highlander? Glad you asked! Highlanders are immortals that can only die one way: beheading. Gruesome, we know, however, since Trevor didn’t die this way in Wonder Woman, he could still be alive!

For this to work (*wink*) the DC Extended Universe would have to be in a shared universe with the Highlander franchise. The Highlander films, television shows, books, and comics are quite an expansive franchise, so, who knows? Perhaps Steve Trevor’s identity as a Highlander will solidify what we’ve known all along: that Sean Connery would make a great Ra’s al Ghul and you can’t convince us otherwise.

Wonder Woman 1984 hits theaters November 2019.

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