Jessica Chastain’s Character Wants Jean Grey’s “Cosmic Force” in ‘Dark Phoenix’

Chris Tilly
Movies Marvel
Movies Marvel

“We’re telling the Dark Phoenix story again because we don’t feel like we did it total justice in X-Men 3.” Writer-director Simon Kinberg admitted this at the start of a Dark Phoenix Q&A at New York Comic-Con today.

Kinberg took to the stage alongside stars Sophie Turner (Jean Grey) and Tye Sheridan (Scott Summers) to discuss the destructive nature of Jean’s power in the film, the funeral that has caused major speculation since it appeared in a recent trailer, and the mystery surrounding Jessica Chastain’s character. Here’s what they had to say…

Becoming Dark Phoenix

Sophie Turner: “A lot is going on with her [Jean Grey] in this story. In this X-Men you see her very very conflicted. She goes through waves of emotions. There’s this continuing theme of abandonment throughout the movie, and she’s just struggling with all that, and it comes out in ways she wished it didn’t.”

Simon Kinberg: “Jean/Phoenix starts to unravel, and starts to become this destructive, malevolent force that she can’t control, that also has a cosmic element to it as well, like in the comics, which we didn’t explore before.”

Jessica Chastain’s Character

Sophie Turner: “During this movie Jean kind of applies this cosmic force and Jessica’s character is interested in what that means and and how someone could utilise that. So that’s what Jessica is very interested in. And she very much nurtures Jean and they have a very, very interesting relationship that I can’t talk about.”

X-Men Funeral

Tye Sheridan: “The movie is largely about loss, and the loss of someone that you love, and that’s something that Scott Summers — my character — is dealing with greatly. As are Charles Xavier and the rest of the X-Men. When Jean Grey kind of departs and goes on this crazy adventure, the X-Men kind of split up. So you see a lot of conflict between the X-Men. But I think a lot of it is about loss and trying to find her… we’re just trying to bring her home.”

Simon Kinberg: “Sophie’s character goes full Phoenix and is destructive and lethal in this film and kills and really hurts a lot of people. And one of those people is in that grave, in that scene… and the family starts to split apart. That funeral is in a way the middle of the movie where they really start to fracture as a family.”

Classic Costumes

Simon Kinberg: “This is the first time I got to direct one of these movies. So as I may not get another chance I really wanted to finally see those costumes onscreen. So that’s why we went with those costumes.”

Sophie Turner: It’s cool because they’re kind of a nod to the original X-Men comics costumes. I think that’s really cool. I think the fans will be really happy with that.”

New Characters

Finally, Kinberg promised that the movie will introduce new characters from the X-Men comics onscreen for the first time, and teased the fact that he’s a big Dazzler fan. So make of that what you will!

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