Laurie Strode is “Taking Back Her Narrative” in New ‘Halloween’

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Jamie Lee Curtis presented terrifying footage from the new Halloween at Comic-Con today.

Explaining why she wanted to return to the franchise, Curtis said, “Laurie Strode was 17-years old when she was brutally attacked by Michael Myers. A random act of violence that stayed with her whole life… she has carried the trauma and PTSD of someone who was attacked randomly. What [this film] honours is that she is no longer a victim… This is a woman who has been waiting 40 years to face the person she knows is coming back… She is going to take back her narrative.”

Serious With Tension-Breakers

Speaking of pitching the movie to original helmer John Carpenter, director David Gordon Green said, “I was very nervous… We told him the story, gave him our pitch, he had a few questions, we had some ideas we wanted to run by him.”

“In the middle of the pitch his phone goes off, — it was the iconic theme from Halloween — and then he said, ‘OK, I’m in.’ Then we asked him to do the music,” Green said. “The Halloween music plus a slice of Christine and a dash of Big Trouble. We hugged it out a little bit, and then said, ‘Let’s go make a movie!'”

And speaking of whether not he’ll be bringing comedy to proceedings, Green said, “We’re playing it very straight. Taking it very seriously. But there are some tension-breakers in there. There are some funny characters you’ll meet on Halloween night.”

On Halloween Night

EW recently got their hands on this brand-new still of Michael Myers.

Green then showed us a tense scene set on Halloween night, that kicks off with a couple of trick-or-treating kids literally bumping into Michael Myers. We then follow him through a yard, into a garage where he picks up a hammer, then into a house. He follows an old lady into the kitchen, then off camera kills her.

Myers then picks up a knife and walks into the living room where a baby is crying in a crib. He walks by and out of the house.

The character hears a car alarm and walks towards the car before turning into another house. He looks through the window and we see his terrifying reflection. Then Myers walks around the side of the house, breaks in, and stabs the woman inside through the neck.

That genuinely terrifying clip then led into the film’s trailer…

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