Marvel Animated Series: 5 Revelations From New York Comic Con

Lucas DeRuyter
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TV Comic-Con Marvel Animation

This year’s New York Comic Con featured some incredible Marvel content, with fans of the animated television shows receiving some particularly great news. The Marvel Animation panel was loaded with big reveals, sneak peeks, and plenty of heartwarming speeches. Here are the top five moments from the panel that attending fans loved the most.

Sneak peek at Spider-Man Episode 13: ‘Venom’

Monstrous fun.

The panel kicked off with a look at the first half of the first Spider-Man episode to feature Venom as a proper character. While the symbiote that gives Venom his powers has been featured in the show before, this is the first time the fan favorite villain has made a proper appearance.

In this episode, Peter Parker will have to both find a way to defeat his most monstrous foe, while also trying to discover who exactly the alien symbiote is lending its power to. The storyline is also set to tie into another animated series, Guardians of the Galaxy. Marvel’s senior vice-president of animation – Cort Lane – promised that it would be, “A classic Venom story.” Fans can expect to view the full episode on October 21st.

Stan Lee’s ‘Guardians’ Cameo

The king of cameos is at it again.

This panel also revealed that Marvel founder Stan Lee will be making one of his classic cameo appearances in the Guardians of the Galaxy animated series. As the guardians try to escape from the Collector’s grasp, they encounter an elevator attendant both voiced by and bearing a striking resemblance to Stan Lee. The gang will have to overcome the dutiful elevator attendant’s obtuseness if they hope to be successful in their escape.

Hints of What’s Coming Up in ‘Guardians’ Season 3

Specifically tailored trials.

Lane also informed attendees of what they can expect to see in the upcoming season of Guardians of the Galaxy. This season, they finally receive the payoff to all the hard work they’ve put into being heroes. As expected, though, most of them quickly burn through the wealth they’ve earned and spoil their good will they’ve accumulated.

The Guardians will also be transported to different dimensions that are designed to be a challenge for each member of the team. While most of these trials are still being kept a secret, it was revealed that Gamorra will have to find a way out of a “Disney Princess” dimension. While the talking critters there are usually friendly, if she upsets them they will transform into monstrous creatures.

Kathreen Khavari on Voicing Ms. Marvel

Sweet and inspiring.

Voice actress for Ms. Marvel – Kathreen Khavari – also offered her thoughts on what it’s like to be voicing a character that is a Muslim-American teenage girl. She feels as though Ms. Marvel is, “One of the most important characters out there today.” She believes that it is incredibly important to have such a kind and heroic Muslim character so prominently featured in the Avengers Assemble, as it helps dispel some of the negative qualities that have been projected onto the community.

Khavari is thrilled to be playing this iteration of Ms. Marvel and the fans in attendance responded to her feelings with overwhelming applause.

Marvel HQ

The new hub for Marvel animated content.

The panel closed with the announcement that the Marvel animation team formed a YouTube channel where the majority of their shows and shorts can be viewed. The channel is called Marvel HQ and is available to both standard YouTube users and individuals on YouTube Kids.

The channel features a plethora of clips from all of their animated programs, behind the scenes content featuring voice actors in the recording booth, and even full episodes from Avengers Assemble. Lane stressed that the channel is still in its infancy and that subscribers can expect regular updates featuring all of their favorite Marvel animated programming.

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