Marvel VR Games Will Soon Be a Thing And We’re So Excited

Samantha Loveridge
Games Marvel
Games Marvel

It looks like Marvel Games has some big things in store for fans this year and you’re about to be blown away. 2017 is already pretty fantastic in terms of Marvel content, from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and Telltale’s Guardians of the Galaxy to the upcoming Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite, Insomniac’s Spider-man game and Square Enix’s The Avengers project. But, it seems like it’s going to get even better.

Marvel Games has some more games coming out in the near future that are going to make your fandom even stronger.

In an interview with Gamespot, Marvel’s Senior Vice President of Games and Innovation Jay Ong teased that a few other titles are in development, including a virtual reality game.

“We did a deep dive in looking at the [VR] space towards the end of last year, and it offers some pretty incredible opportunities, in terms of delivering really cool experiences,” said Ong. “Believe me, we’re not shying away from it. Absolutely expect some announcements in VR, that’s something we’re really excited about.

“I think our fans are going to go crazy. The things we’re doing there are absolutely amazing.”

DC has already proved that comic book heroes translate well to VR, with the Batman Arkham VR experience still being one of the best VR titles to date. Something along similar lines in the Marvel Universe might just blow our tiny minds.

Imagine soaring through the New York skyline as Spider-man in VR. Even if you’re not a Marvel fan you’d still want to play that game, right?

“We see VR in the same way we see the other platforms in terms of if you want to do something, you need to do something truly amazing. We think if we do something there, it should be just for the novelty of it. It should be something that defines the platform, that defines the experience.”

“Certainly we’re looking to build when Spider-man comes out, it’ll be one of the best games on the platform and when Avengers comes out, it’ll be one of the best games on those platforms. We think our efforts in VR will be the same thing.”

Ong also explained that the Marvel Games arm has the opportunity to deviate from the film and comic sources to break out and make their own paths.

“We’re absolutely stand alone,” he stressed. “When I started at Marvel, there was this chance to reboot the business; to start from scratch. One of the key pillars we strived for was to use our games as a driver of the brand, certainly, and as a creator of original IP. So we strive very hard to make sure our games have really cool storylines that are wholly original.

“You know, Spider-man’s costume in the [2017 Spider-man] game, for instance, is original right? It’s neight the theatrical costume nor is it from the comic books. The white spider design is totally original.”

Spider-Man PS4
Insomniac's Spider-man costume is totally original
Samantha Loveridge
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