‘Nashville’ Recap and Reaction: Episode 3 ‘Let’s Put It Back Together Again’

Zuleika Boekhoudt

Last season Nashville’s showrunners went in a new direction with Maddie (Lennon Stella). Rayna and Deacon’s progeny took them to court to get herself emancipated and spewed some half-truths about her dad. However, with this move to CMT the show’s creators have backed off from the controversial storyline and are heading in a new direction. But, will this new direction highlight Maddie’s singing chops or focus on her personal life.

Maddie’s First Day

nashville recap reaction episode 3 maddie clay studio

It’s Maddie’s first day as an intern at Tracks Studio and Deacon and Avery’s first day laying down tracks with YouTube sensation Ashley Willerman (Bridgit Mendler) – a.k.a. Whatsernuggets. Who incidentally comes rolling in with her entourage. During a coffee run for Ashley, Maddie notices a young guy playing guitar at; she’s so distracted by his music that she drops one of the coffee cups. He quickly stops performing to come to her aid. And in a cute Nashville way a new love interest is introduced. Incidentally, his name is Clayton “CLAY” Jones (Joseph David Jones).

But during her run, Maddie forgets her notebook at the coffee shop counter, which Clay brings back to Maddie. And in the same breath, he gives her his demo. Quickly comes to mind that this new guy is using Maddie for her connection. However, the demo is actually for Maddie.

Later Maddie learns that Clay’s musical talents come from his grandfather who is also a musician. And sadly his mother had troubles with drug addiction and was in-and-out from transition housing until she died.

YouTube Sensation: Whatsernuggets

nashville recap reaction episode 3 ashley willerman whatsernuggerts maddie

Meanwhile at the studio, Ashley Whatsernuggets background beat is killing Avery from the inside. Her “high pitch voice”  (similar to Britney’s 90s music) is insufferable, but Ashley’s lackeys think it’s awesome. However, this doesn’t sit well with Avery and tries to offer her some advice which pisses Ashley off and Deacon for his honest opinion and he agrees with Avery. It seems that Whatsernuggets has lots of respect towards Deacon or just sees him as a father figure.

Pissed off that Deacon sided with Avery she goes on a lunch break. But, unfortunately for Ashley, this is the South and there’s no vegan menu. This certainly doesn’t bode well with the YouTube sensation. Maddie tries to calm down the hungry beast and quickly makes a run towards a vegan restaurant which quickly turns a mini date with Clay.

In the meantime, Ashley has moved on from the Britney Spears pitch to reverbs. We come to learn that the life of a YouTube star is not all glitz and glamor. But, Avery is so stubborn that he tries once again to reason with Ashley, trying to convince her that the real reason that she has 15 million subscribers is for her talent, not the extra crap that she adds. Nevertheless, she only wants ‘’the goddamn reverb’’ thus the only thing that this influencer wants it more followers. Coming to the realization that his advice is falling on deaf ears Avery quits. Explaining that Whatsernuggers needs an engineer, not a producer.

Later on, Maddie walks in with lunch, but it seems that Ashley’s vegan lunch isn’t whole wheat (Millennials and their food choices). Poor Maddie, like any intern on their first day, tries to fix it, but to no avail. Papa Deacon steps in and offers his sandwich instead. There’s nothing worst than a hangry popstar. But, even food can’t calm down Whatsernuggets as she is not pleased with Deacon’s guitar playing, making it obvious that she doesn’t know much about music, especially country. This tantrum sets Maddie off and releases a few Pipe Bombs and calls Ashley a bitch.

Touched by an Angel

nashville recap reaction episode 3 juliette hallie maddie

On her quest for looking for the woman who saved her, Juliette is looking for Hallie Jordan on social media. And with today’s technology she easily finds her. And like any person obsessed with her savior, she tracks down Hallie’s address and pays her a visit. But, to any one’s surprise who sees a super mega star on their doorstep, Hallie seems very comfortable with Juliette’s presence. They make plans to see each other sometime before Hallie jumps in her worn-out car to volunteer at her church. Which quickly gives Juliet the idea to give Hallie a car. However, Hallie’s reaction to this incredible gift is not what Juliette expected.

After a long and tiring day, Juliette feels helpless and determines that everyone would be better off if she had died in the plane crash. But, when everything seems lost, Cadence pees on her legs which she felt. No more toe wiggling.

Juliette returns to Hallie’s house and pours her soul out. Subsequently, revealing that she’s afraid that God will take the sensation in her leg away because of all the horrible things she did in the past. Nevertheless, Hallie comforts Juliette, explaining that it isn’t God’s plan.

With a glimmer of good news, Avery comes and ruins Juliette good vibe by asking that he wants to know what they are to each other. Between her plan crash and Avery trying to DTF (define the relationship), Juliette grabs a keyboard and composes and sings a new song, On My Way.

Father-Daughter Relationship

nashville recap reaction episode 3 father daughter relationship deacon maddie hugging

The relationship between Maddie and Deacon did not end so well last season. She accused him with some half-truths and got emancipation because of that. But, with some magic and influence from Rayna, Maddie returned home. However, the father-daughter bond didn’t heal back. Evident in the few scenes that they interacted with each other. Nevertheless, Deacon is the dad and corrects Maddie on her mouthing off to Whatsernuggets.

Trying to fix the father-daughter bond, Rayna talks to Maddie about how she needs to apologize for the awful things that she said about Deacon during the emancipation case. Maddie confesses that she never believed all those things she said during the trial, but she said it anyway due to desperation. But, all she wants is to go back how things were. In the previous season, Nashville put a spotlight on a growing problem in today’s Generation, self-entitlement. Maddie dragged her parents all the way to court to prove to them that she’s old enough to make her own decisions.

Rayna’s Stalker

nashville recap reaction episode 3 rayna stalker maddie

Let us discuss something that is on everyone’s mind, but is receiving little attention in this episode, Rayna’s Stalker. Slowly but surely, Nashville is leaving some clues behind on who is stalking Rayna. First of Randal, Highway 65 digital marketing guy, who brings Rayna a green juice ( mixed with pineapple) during a meeting and later steals one of her personal effects with Maddie’s face from her office. Is he Rayna’s stalker or is he obsessed with Maddie or is he kleptomaniac and just wants the rush?

The second possible stalker is a guy that walks up to Rayna offering his demo and later asks the country music queen if her daughter is back home.

Nevertheless, the producers may be playing some misdirection magic trick and Rayna’s stalker is someone right under our noses, perhaps Bucky?

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