‘Nashville’ Recap and Reaction: Episode 4 ‘Leap of Faith’

Zuleika Boekhoudt

Heading into episode four, we can see the direction that this season is going to. Instead of focusing on multiple characters with short storylines, this season will focus on a select few and give them in-depth stories.

Give Me What I Want

nashville recap reaction episode 4 leap faith juliette physical therapy machine

What first seems like something freaky is going on, is Juliette doing some leg exercises with her physical therapist Allyson. But, Juliette being Juliette, she’s anxious about her progress and wants to start a new treatment with a walking assistance machine. Nevertheless, Allyson points out that Juliette isn’t at that point yet and has to slow down to heal properly. We quickly get to see a glimpse of the old mean “give me what I want” Juliette.

Focused on a fast recovery, Juliette goes over Allyson’s head and talks to the Medical Director to get the walking apparatus. On top of ignoring her physical therapist’s advice, she also stops taking her medication (oxycodone) and cancels her psych visits. With the stress of taking care of Juliette, it seems that Avery is at his limit.

Meanwhile, Juliette tries out the walking assistance machine which triggers a flashback of her plane crash. Although this may motivate others to slow down, she keeps on with her recovery, without the help of medications.

However, this no-drugs-for-me state of minds comes to a boiling point when she falls in the bathroom screaming from the pain. Avery realizes that Juliette isn’t taking her medications because she doesn’t want to rely on drugs to get through the pain – which was the case during her postpartum. The conversation quickly turns into an argument, and Avery blurts out that her problem is that she pushes people away even when she needs them.

Afterward, Juliette visits Hallie’s church asking the pastor how she can communicate with God.  When’s she’s left alone she asks God why did she survive and not the other people on the plane. Confessing to God that she’s lost and needs his help.

When Avery comes home, they both apologize for the argument earlier. Thrilled that she and Avery are in a good place again, Juliette quickly pulls him over and they start to kiss. However, Avery being Avery he stops, as he needs more time to jump back in the saddle. But, that doesn’t seem to hold for too long as later on he picks Juliette up and drops her on the bed and start making love.

New Opportunity

nashville recap reaction episode 4 leap faith juliette rayna business opportunity zach

At Highway 65, Rayna and Bucky are looking for directors for The Exes music video. But, almost everyone is over their budget, so they decide to go with someone young, eager and cheap. When Randal walks by the office, Rayna pays him compliments for doing a great job on The Exes website. Which sends the (potential) stalker into a fanboy frenzy.

Later on, Rayna and Deacon invite app entrepreneur Zach Welles to The Bluebird to hear the Exes play. The next day, Zach wants to persuade Rayna in this new opportunity for Highway 65. He will invest in her record company, but she will have complete control. Nevertheless, she would have to take into consideration the advice of his team. Although this new opportunity seems a bit fishy, Rayna’s lawyer confirms that it’s a good deal, calling it “close to free money.” Like there is such a thing, this will definitely, bite Rayna in the tush.

After discussing the pros and cons with Deacon, Rayna accepts the deal. And soon after Zach hooks The Exes with a new director, whose vision for the video is a bit out-of-the-box in country music standards. While the business side of Highway 65 is a key aspect of Rayna’s storyline, it’s her stalker that’s the main point of this season. At home, Rayna receives an envelope filled with rose petals and letter of someone professing their love. Clearly freaked out about this potential stalker she talks to Bucky and Deacon on how they should handle this. But, with Bucky’s lack of judgment, he dismisses this and suggests just to increase security.

Bye, Bye Kevin

nashville recap reaction episode 4 leap faith juliette will kevin break up

Continuing with Will’s suggestion to live in together, Kevin finds a beautiful apartment. But, Will isn’t too eager and drags his feet about going to see it. Nevertheless, he soon gives in sees that apartment. Will’s attractive looks quickly get him some flirtatious attention from the real estate agent but is reciprocated. Due to the temptation that he experiences he lies to Kevin about sending in their application for the apartment.

With the help of Avery, Will soon realizes that he’s afraid of missing out on what could be. It was just recently that Will came out of the closet and his only relationship is with Kevin. So, he didn’t have those crazy times to explore life. And thus comes the (predictable) end of Will and Kevin.

That night Will takes the stage, but he abruptly stops the band from playing the upbeat opening song and opts to sing a ballad that he wrote with his first love, Burn To Dark. So, maybe penguins mate for life.

Zuleika Boekhoudt
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