What’s New on Netflix AU in September

Jeremy Ray

We are heading towards the end of 2018, and Australia Netflix is having a lot to offer its users. Some of these upcoming Netflix releases have already been launched in other regions, and some of them are totally brand new. Here are our picks of the best, so you can keep the tape rolling and do less scrolling.

Two young people sit together holding a camera in American Vandal.

American Vandal (Season 2)

For a TV show that just had its first season run, Netflix’s American Vandal received very positive feedback due to its humorous delivery and and thought-provoking plot. Season 2 is coming out in this September, and it was revealed that these new episodes will take a darker turn, focusing on the negative impact of technology and how it would lead to the exhaustion and isolation of modern America’s teenagers.

We’re expecting a lot of fascinating stuff from American Vandal when it lands again on Netflix.

Jonah Hill and Emma Stone in Maniac.


Ever since its announcement in 2016, Maniac has been one of the most anticipated Netflix’s TV shows, partially due to the participation of well-known actors such as Emma Stone and Jonah Hill. Although Netflix has stayed mum on the details, a teaser trailer and official images of the show have been released, making us expect another hit TV show of 2018.

The Good Cop

A lot of TV shows are landing on Netflix in 2018, and “The Good Cop” is added to the mix. The show will take the audience through a father-son story of a good cop named Tony Caruso Jr. (Josh Groban), who always follows by the book, and his father Tony Caruso Sr. (Tony Danza), a former cop seems unable to leave his corrupt life behind. A crime TV show with a bit of Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s comedic element blended in, “The Good Cop” seems to be another piece of entertainment that comedy fans wouldn’t want to miss.

Janet stands beside the designer in The Good Place Season 5.

The Good Place (Season 3)

Having received ratings of 91% and 100% on Rotten Tomatoes for season 1 and 2, respectively, it should be no surprise that The Good Place is all set for a third season run. The fantasy sitcom is making its return on Netflix on 27th September 2018, and was promised to be “bloody brilliant and so exciting” by Jameela Jamil, one of the main cast, which gives us another reason to look forward to it.

A woman with long hair looks into the mirror with a shaver in hand.
Nappily Ever After

Nappily Ever After

Nappily Ever After is landing on Netflix after very few details have been revealed about the movie. Inspired by a novel of the same name by Trisha R. Thomas, Nappily Ever After will take you through the story of the broken-hearted Violet Jones, who tries to pick up the pieces of her life as she tries and make it perfect.

Strongly emphasizing self-love, Nappily Ever After will surely put the audience on a roller coaster of emotion, and in the process show there is more to life than just being perfect.

Hold the Dark

Director Jeremy Saulnier’s films are characterised by moral complication and a great amount of intensity, and the upcoming Hold The Dark is no exception. The story opens with the disappearance of Bailey by wolvers, His mother, in despair, asked Russell Core (Jeffrey Wright) for help, to which the latter accepted.

The search for the pack that killed Bailey slowly uncovers the mystery that has been hidden behind the disappearance of the boy. Hold The Dark is coming to Netflix on September 28th, and we’re is eager to see the truth being revealed.

Quincy Jones smiles while looking off camera.


Having worked with Michael Jackson and Frank Sinatra, while counting Oprah Winfrey, Barack Obama, and Paul McCartney among his admirers, Quincy Jones is perhaps one of the most, if not the most, influential figure in the music industry. Audiences all over the world are going to witness his legacy on Netflix from 21st September 2018.

Co-directed and co-wrote by Rashida Jones, the Quincy documentary will not only showcase Quincy’s legendary career but also tell the stories of black America throughout decades. The whole documentary might just be summed up in what Lionel Richie once said: “Don’t try to do what he’s done, ’cause you can’t.”

Chef’s Table (Season 5)

Chef’s Table is coming back to Netflix on 28 September this year with its fifth season. Different from previous seasons, this will feature not only chefs making good-looking dishes but also the stories behind the cuisines.

Get the kitchen ready, because there will definitely be a lot more shots of meals that will trigger the appetite of all foodies around the world.

Three heroes stand before a flying dragon.

The Dragon Prince

A world filled with magic, dragons, and elves definitely fits the imagination of a child, and that’s what’s Netflix’s The Dragon Prince has to offer in 2018. The animated TV show has just been released on the 14th September, introducing us to the massive fantasy world of Xaidia, where two humans and one elf are going on an adventure to bring peace back to a chaotic land.

With a production team of those created Avatar: The Last Airbender, Justice League, Star Wars and Uncharted, “The Dragon Prince” is another series to look forward to.

The gang of Monster Party outside a bus.

Super Monsters Monster Party: Songs

If your children love singing, then make sure they don’t miss the Netflix TV show Super Monsters Monster Party: Songs. The collection of music videos featuring adorable monsters might be just what parents need to keep their children entertained without much hassle.

Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Flash, and Cyborg stand together.

Justice League

Justice League has officially arrived on Netflix. Before hitting the big screen in 2017, the superhero movie had huge expectations not just among fans, but among movie lovers all over the world. Now people can once again enjoy watching our biggest DC superheroes fighting their battle against another threat to our human world.

Tommy Wiseau and his friend pump fists in the air in The Disaster Artist

The Disaster Artist

Released in 2017, The Disaster Artist received favourable feedback from both critics and audiences. Those who are fans of James Franco and Seth Rogan were definitely excited as they got the opportunity to see the duo teamed up once again.

The movie also gave us a glimpse of The Room, a movie that was described as “the Citizen Kane of bad movies”. The Disaster Artist is coming to Netflix on the 28th September, and we can start watching this brilliant piece of tragicomedy again.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Season 5)

“Tell me why, / Ain’t nothin’ but a heartache” — That can definitely be one of the most genius sitcom moments that got us repeating it over and over again. If you’ve watched Brooklyn Nine-Nine, you know what we are talking about.

The TV show has just concluded the creation of its fifth season in May 2018, and the whole binge-worthy pile will be landing on Netflix on the 28th September. Those who haven’t watched the show or wish to rewatch it can enjoy the hilarious moments that the sitcom has to offer.

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