Touring the New ‘World of Warcraft Legion’ Zones


Only a few short hours ago the World of Warcraft Legion expansion launched. Blizzard is known for their rich, artistic style. Today we take a look through the varied new World of Warcraft Legion zones to see how they apply that style in the new expansion. Keep in mind players have to purchase the expansion to experience these, but we’ve got some fly-overs if you’re still sitting on the fence. One of the great things about this expansion is that, once the starting experience is complete, players may enter whatever zone they choose, as content scales to the player’s individual level.


Starting in no particular order, let’s take you on a virtual tour of Azsuna. This is home to one of the most well-known naga, Queen Azshara herself. Way back before the Sundering this was a beautiful, lush zone full of natural wonder. Now it is a haunted landscape the cursed Nightfallen call home. Think of the Nightfallen like the blood elves, and the Withered like the Wretched, and you get the picture. There are ancient ruins to explore amongst the hills and sparse trees.


Val’sharah, located in the west of the Broken Isles, contains some ruins as well, but this is a more heavily forested region. The druids call this home, and the class’s order hall is found within the Dreamgrove. A long-awaited entry to the Emerald Nightmare awaits players, and druids have access to a bit of the Dream in the Emerald Dreamway. Once cleared, it allows them entry to many parts of the known world, especially those with an emerald portal, such as Duskwood.


Hearkening back to the revamp of Azshara or Eversong Woods, Stormheim is full of the yellows, oranges, and golds of autumn. Kvaldir architecture, somewhat reminiscent of Vikings, is dominant. Further into the zone are tall mountains that appear to have basalt columns. Things start to get positively gloomy the further one climbs. If you remember Wrath of the Lich King, you might recall some of the Kvaldir departed Northrend a long time ago; the lore found here in Stormheim explains what happened to them.


Want to know what happened to Alleria and Turalyon? Come to Suramar and find out! This zone features ancient kaldorei architecture, filled with purple and blue hues throughout. There are old overgrown stairways and bridges whose paths are marked by pillars with blue flame spurting from their tops. For added lore flavor, keep in mind this is the land Tyrande and the Stormrage brothers called home before Darnassus. Mountains surround the zone in the northeast, while a fel-tainted area of the Burning Legion rests to the southwest.


Last but not least, Highmountain is a zone true to its name. It is the highest peak in all of the Broken Isles. Marshes and coves dot the shoreline, but the vast majority of the region consists of alpine forest, snowy crags, and vertigo-inspiring cliffs. Fittingly, the hunter order hall is located at the top at Trueshot Lodge, ringed with mountain peaks and watch towers.

For more information on the new World of Warcraft Legion zones, visit WoWWiki!