NFL Star Julio Jones Shows Off Why He’s a Real-Life Peter Parker

Brett Bates
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Comics Marvel
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Did you come out of the theater after last year’s excellent Spider-Man: Homecoming wishing you had Spidey sense and sick acrobatic moves to go with it? For Atlanta Falcons star Julio Jones, that’s any given Sunday during the NFL season. Case in point: the 2017 NFC Championship game, where he made nine insane catches — including one ending with a backward flip that would make Peter Parker proud.

Check out FANDOM’s comic book recreation of his performance above. Then swing over to our other videos in the series, like Marshawn Lynch’s Hulk-like “Beast Mode” run and Aaron Rodgers doing his best Green Arrow impression.

The NFL playoffs continue January 21.

Brett Bates
Brett Bates is a staff writer at Fandom. He's been in the video game industry for eight years as a writer and as a developer for companies like BioWare, Rumble, EGM, and Bitmob. According to his business card, he's a fan of indie games, crime comics, and boxer dogs.
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