‘Overlord’ Is NOT a Cloverfield Film, But It Is R-Rated as F@%&

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Overlord is another mysterious project from the folks at Bad Robot. That led a lot of people to believe that it was actually another entry in the Cloverfield universe. Not so! J.J. Abrams recorded a video for the folks at CinemaCon and assured them, “Overlord is not a Cloverfield movie, but it is bats–t.”

He’s not joking. Overlord looks nuts. Check out our reaction below!

The Horror of War

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Don't expect this monster to pop up in 'Overlord.'

We’ve known that Overlord takes place during World War II. Specifically, it starts during the historic D-Day invasion. In the trailer we saw, a group of paratroopers jump into battle but land near an underground Nazi base. When they get inside, things get bloody. It looks like the Nazis have been experimenting with something that revives the dead. And the results aren’t always pretty.

J.J. Abrams said that Overlord is the first R-rated film from Bad Robot and he’s 100% right. The footage that we saw featured a number of bloodied corpses being reanimated and attacking the team of soldiers. But, the creepiest moment came at the end. A female voice calls out for help in French. One of the soldiers hears it and realizes it’s coming from underneath a sheet on a gurney. He removes the sheet and it’s a woman’s decapitated head with its spinal column still attached. And she’s still crying for help as one eye turns and looks at him.

It was a chilling and effective moment that creeped out the entire CinemaCon audience. The whole film looks like a blend of Inglourious BasterdsWolfenstein, and Re-Animator. The few brief glimpses we got were gory and frenetic. It’s unlikely that this was supposed to be a Cloverfield film because it really feels out of place with the other entries in the franchise. This looks purposefully vicious and we couldn’t be more excited.

Hopefully, you’ll get to see the full trailer soon. Until then, start getting excited about this one. It looks nasty and fun. Overlord opens in theaters on October 25th in the UK and October 26th in the US.

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