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Lauren Gallaway
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It’s not every day you get to write about Patrick Stewart returning to Star Trek, but here we are! As someone who grew up sitting at the feet of Captain Jean-Luc Picard via my television in the late ’80s and early ’90s, Picard was my captain. And now, nearly 24 years after Star Trek: The Next Generation finale “All Good Things…” aired and 16 years after Star Trek: Nemesis hit theaters (his last on-screen appearance), Picard is back with a brand new Star Trek show.

Here are five things we have to see on Picard’s new show — tea, Earl Grey anyone?

Familiar Faces

Star Trek The Next Generation Cast
The cast of 'Star Trek: The Next Generation'.

As of Star Trek: Nemesis, most of the characters from Star Trek: The Next Generation are still alive. While Tasha Yar was killed in Season 1 and Wesley Crusher became a traveler in Season 7, most of Picard’s bridge crew should still be around when his show picks up.

Who would we love to see? Everyone! What has everyone been up to? Is Riker still captain of the Titan? Did Geordi stay Chief Engineer of the Enterprise? Is Beverly Crusher still a doctor? Did Worf go back to Qo’nos? Did Deanna Troi ever settle down? And what about Data? He bravely gave his life during the events of Nemesis, but he left behind a prototype version of himself. While this show doesn’t have to be “catch up with the cast of TNG,” we’d love to see these characters make guest appearances in person or via video chat (err … subspace communication).

As for the other shows, the characters from Deep Space 9 and Voyager could also make appearances on Picard’s new Star Trek show. Miles O’Brien served on the Enterprise for a number of years before he went to Deep Space 9, and the cast of Voyager would be a welcome addition to Picard’s show.


Iconian gateway, TNG episode "Contagion",

Picard has always loved archeology. His adventures studying the Iconians led him to some fascinating discoveries while aboard the Enterprise. Has Picard retired from Starfleet at this point in his life? Is he gardening, tending a vineyard, or living the quiet life back on Earth? We doubt it. If anything, Picard has resumed his studies of the Iconian civilization.

Starfleet Academy

Picard and Academy groundskeeper Boothby.

If Picard isn’t still traveling the galaxy as an archeologist, he could be teaching at Starfleet Academy. Picard spent many years traveling the stars and could have retired as a well-decorated Admiral. He also could have retired as a Captain and returned to the academy to teach. Picard could teach on diplomacy, negotiation, archeology — so many different topics in which he is well versed.

The introduction of Starfleet Academy could also introduce a vibrant new cast for the series, as well as feature some other franchise favorites who have also gone back to Earth to teach. Can you imagine, Worf teaching on combat or Deanna teaching on counseling? Having a great mix of new cast memebers and returning favorites would be a brilliant way to bring back Picard.

Sir Ian McKellan

Stewart and McKellen co-stared in 'Waiting for Gadot'.

It’s no secret that Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen are best friends. They’ve been close since their time in the X-Men films and have remained close ever since. A few years ago they even co-stared in the play Waiting for Gadot. So how could these friends find their way to an on-screen partnership in Star Trek?

Simple. Make Ian McKellen a hologram that runs during Picard’s Shakespeare programs. Picard’s love for Shakespeare or any of the classics was well-documented during The Next Generation. Picard loved to perform and recite poetry, whether he was alone in his quarters or starring in one of Dr. Crusher’s plays. So, the next time Picard pulls up a Shakespeare playback in the holodeck, his good friend McKellen could be the one to perform it.


Whoopi Goldberg as Guianan.

One of Picard’s closest friends during his time on the Enterprise was Guinan. Guinan was Picard’s sounding board, his counselor, his confidant. Guinan tended bar in 10 Forward, but she was much more than just a bartender. She was wise beyond her years, was a Borg survivor, and is practically immortal.

The actress who brought Guinan to life is the Academy Award-winning Whoopi Goldberg. Goldberg is still acting and has been a host on ABC’s The View for the past 11 years. If CBS All Access could get Goldberg for even one episode of Picard’s new show, that would be golden.

The new Picard series with Patrick Stewart is currently in development and will air on CBS All Access.

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