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Anytime there was a spare moment at PAX Aus, I was snapping cosplay. There was a metric tonne of it, and you couldn’t walk from A to B without raising an eyebrow at a costume and thinking, “Nice.”

I was actually a little heartbroken when I saw a brilliant Reinhardt walk past and didn’t have the time to take a pic. So the obligatory disclaimer applies –this isn’t a comprehensive list. These are just the coolest we were able to snap.

For starters, there’s this piece of Flash photography…

PAX Aus cosplay Flash

Are you kidding me, this is too cute…

I mean, how perfect would it be if the dad had a habit of whistling?

PAX Aus cosplay

If anyone needed help with anything, these Meeseeks were on-hand to sort out any problems.

Oh man, the quotes. The quotes that would’ve been following them all day. Just make sure you don’t ask them to take a few strokes off your golf game.

“Caaaaaaan do!”

PAX Aus cosplay

We spotted this Legends cosplayer at EB Expo, and she was dutifully present at PAX Aus as well:

Very clever.

I’m pretty blown away by this Yautja, too:

PAX Aus Predator cosplay

Fancy a bit of Fallout?

But don’t stop there… Bethesda managed to get all the cosplayers it could find in one spot.

I’m really digging that power armour.

The tattoo here is a nice touch. Though I had to tell him to stop hogging the camera (I’m so sorry).

PAX Aus cosplay Roadhog

Better watch out with this one though. The mouth is open.

Get over here… for a photo.

PAX Aus cosplay Scorpion

This guy was actually out in the sun for a while. I noticed him vigilantly posing for passersby with camera phones as I walked to a few different things.

I’m not sure what material he’s wearing there, but it looks like maybe some kind of leathery/latex stuff is involved? Shoutout to him for dealing with the sun for so long just so everyone can get their photos.

I’ll never get tired of parent/baby cosplay.

She would’ve gotten lots of attention that day!

As would she:

PAX Aus cosplay

Loving the eye. Gruesome. And just in time for Halloween.

Oh, and there was that time we got a bunch of Aloys to pose with the developers of Horizon Zero Dawn.

Horizon Zero Dawn photo mode Aloy cosplay
Five (okay, six) Aloys pose with the developers

Last but not least, another group shot against the big wall:

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