We Break Down the Awesome ‘Preacher’ Season 2 Trailer

Drew Dietsch
TV Comics
TV Comics

Preacher had a great first season that ended with a promise: the road trip we all want is coming. So much of the original comic is centered around the three main characters – Jesse, Tulip, and Cassidy – going on a trip across America to literally find God. The second season isn’t wasting any time with that premise. In fact, this new trailer that just landed gives us that and so much more.

Watch the first trailer for the second season and get ready to have a certain song stuck in your head.

After you’re done singing “Come On Eileen,” let’s look at a few key moments from the trailer.

What’s Going On With Fiore?

There are a few shots of Fiore in the trailer that seem to suggest he’s moved on from the death of DeBlanc. Looks like he might have become some kind of stage magician? Using his “reinvigoration” for such petty means sounds pretty funny. Not to mention this shot…

preacher season 2 cassidy fiore

Is that Cassidy and Fiore getting stoned together? I didn’t know I wanted this pairing but now I can’t wait for it.

The Saint of Killers Is Back

preacher season 2 saint of killers cowboy

Everyone’s favorite unstoppable cowboy is back. The first season used the Saint of Killers extremely well, but it was all a lot of setup and tease for all the stuff we want to see. Whoever he’s talking to here is probably in for a world of hurt. There’s another shot in the trailer that might connect to the Saint…

preacher season 2 saint of killers cowboy shoot-out

There is a gory shootout with the cops in the first arc of the comic, and fans had figured we wouldn’t see that since the first season did away with the town of Annville. Looks like that is getting repurposed for the second season. (Yessss!)

The Grail

preacher season 2 grail

The big bad entity of the Preacher series – other than God himself – is a shadowy organization known as the Grail. They were lightly teased in the first season but it looks like they are coming for Jesse full force in season two. These masked men that Jesse beats up in the trailer are wearing Grail member outfits. This is pretty solid confirmation that they’ll play a big part in season two.

Who’s That Lady?

preacher season 2 woman

Jesse is told, “They’re powerful,” by a mysterious woman just before beating up those Grail guys. Who could this woman be? Another angel? A demon? Possibly a former member of the Grail? Could she be a re-tooled version of Grail member Sarah Featherstone?


preacher season 2 eugene arseface

Eugene was easily my favorite character from season one and it looks like we haven’t seen the last of him. Season one suggested that he’d be appearing to Jesse in place of the comic’s version of Jesse’s conscience, but this looks like we’ll get to see Eugene actually down in Hell.

Because It’s Preacher, Here’s Something Weird

preacher season 2 dog jesus de sade

And the last big question mark of the trailer is this. Do we even WANT to know what’s going on here? My first guess is that it might tie into one of the comic’s most deviant characters, Jesus DeSade. You can look him up if you want to know what that whole mess is about. Safe to say, it ain’t family friendly.

Preacher returns on June 25. This begs the question: why isn’t it June 25?

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