Why Sharon Raydor Is a Major Badass on ‘Major Crimes’

Kim Taylor-Foster
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Commander Sharon Raydor heads up the LAPD’s Major Crimes Division. Formerly a part of the Force Investigations Division, her background is internal affairs. Initially reporting to Assistant Chief Taylor, a promise to make Raydor Commander is snatched away. Nevertheless, her appointment following the retirement of Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson puts noses out of joint, and Lieutenant Provenza takes an instant dislike to her. He had wanted the role when Johnson left.

However, Raydor’s backseat approach to the job leaves the way clear for Provenza to take charge in the field and eventually heals the rift between them. But matters aren’t so easily resolved with others.

When Taylor is killed in an incident that leaves Raydor questioning herself, she’s up for his role. She doesn’t want it but she’s encouraged to take it by her seniors and ends up pursuing it to prevent Deputy Chief Winnie Davis, with whom there’s friction, from getting a promotion.

Commander Leo Mason gets the job, however, and finally, promotes Sharon to Commander.

Raydor, a divorcee with three children — one of whom was a homeless teen she took in, and a key witness in a serial killer case — is shrewd and knows the law really well. She’s persuasive when it comes to getting criminals sent down for a long time, and she’s super hot at cajoling confessions.

See Sharon Raydor in Major Crimes on Universal Channel’s Autumn of Crime Fighters.

Kim Taylor-Foster
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