What Could the ‘Solo’ Sequels Be About?

Drew Dietsch
Movies Star Wars
Movies Star Wars

WARNING: This post contains spoilers for Solo: A Star Wars Story. Proceed with caution.

A Solo sequel is in the works over at Lucasfilm. Lead actor Alden Ehrenreich is contracted for at least two more films. And Solo: A Star Wars Story ends at a place that seems ready to jump into another adventure with Han and Chewie. With what we know from this first movie, we’re going to speculate what story threads the next film — or potentially multiple films — could explore.

Now, we’re not talking about a Lando spinoff. We already took care of that. This is a guess at what the future holds for the Millenium Falcon and her famous crew after the very ending of Solo: A Star Wars Story. And even some new characters we’ve just met…

The Ascent of Qi’ra

qira solo death
Qi'ra could show up in Han's life once again.

With that surprising Darth Maul cameo and Qi’ra‘s new position as a key figure in the crime syndicate Crimson Dawn, Han’s childhood friend is poised to be a crucial figure in his early life as a smuggler. Depending on what illegal jobs Han decides to take, it’s likely that he’s going to cross paths with Crimson Dawn. That could put him in contention with Qi’ra and her criminal interests.

It would be interesting to see Han and Qi’ra as reluctant enemies. Their treacherous parting at the end of Solo: A Star Wars Story certainly felt like there was more of their story to tell. And if Han is fully committing to his life as an outlaw, it’s almost certain that Qi’ra would be keeping an eye on him. When they meet again, will Qi’ra be the one threatening Han’s life? And will her relationship with Darth Maul possibly pull her towards the dark side of the Force?

Chewbacca Goes Home

Where are the other Wookiees out there in the galaxy?

One of the most moving elements of Solo was Chewbacca’s character arc. Seeing him free the enslaved Wookiees on Kessel gave the big furball a ton of heart. After finding out that the Empire enslaved the Wookiees, what else will Chewbacca do to help his people?

Could we see a job that takes Han and Chewie to the Wookiee home planet Kashyyyk? We don’t see anything else of the Wookiee liberation in the original trilogy. What if we find out that Chewbacca is still trying to use his newfound job to aid the Wookiees in whatever way he can? It’d be fascinating to see what Kashyyyk looks like under the rule of the Galactic Empire. And if it means we get to see Chewie tear through some more bad guys, we’re all for it.

Jabba and the Big Job

Of course, the final moments of Solo promise the first meeting between Han and the infamous gangster Jabba the Hutt. But, much like Han’s meeting with Lando, don’t expect their initial encounter to be what you expect. It’s possible that the job Han is told about in Solo isn’t the one that we learn about in A New Hope. What we think is that Han will have worked with Jabba on at least one other heist before the incident that causes Jabba to put a bounty on Han’s head.

We might see Han pull off a successful bit of smuggling that pleases Jabba. Then, the Hutt mobster will promise an even bigger score and that will be the caper that lands Han in a block of carbonite. So, the Solo sequel will give us a few sequences of galactic thievery instead of just one. And with the news about a Boba Fett movie being worked on, it could be that Han has his first fateful meeting with Jabba’s favorite bounty hunter.

Speaking of Boba Fett…

The Marvel Model

Will Boba Fett and Han Solo be crossing paths?

What if the next time we see Han Solo, he isn’t starring in a movie where he’s the main character? A Boba Fett film seems like a perfect way to insert Han into a new story as a supporting role. What if Han and Fett are made to work together on a job for Jabba? The appeal of a movie where Han isn’t the primary focus could add even more allure to a Boba Fett story. Could this be how the Star Wars films start to set up a cinematic universe model like Marvel?

Audiences love the connectivity of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and that successful model is something that Disney would love to replicate with Star Wars. Perhaps by having these notable characters start popping up in other films, the Star Wars movies will begin to feel less like spinoffs and more like the serialized Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Whatever the Solo sequel has in store, we’re ready to see where it will go. In the meantime, check out exactly where Solo fits in the Star Wars timeline.

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