‘Stranger Things’ Season 2 MVP, Best Dance Moves and the New Barb

Lauren Gallaway
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If you’re like me, you stayed up very late this weekend binge watching Stranger Things Season 2. It was SO GOOD! So many crazy things happened, like Hopper kept Eleven in the woods for a year, Dustin adopted a baby demogorgon, and Steve got cool! SAY WHAT?!?

Let’s break down some Season 2 superlatives, including MVP, best on-screen death, biggest shock, best dance moves and who deserved the most justice for their death (I’m looking at you, Mews). We’ll also cover some fun categories like best hair, best car, best kiss and best new character.

Season MVP

Will Byers Stranger Things
Will was never the same after his journey into the Upside Down.

The clear MVP of this season was Will Byers. Actor Noah Schnapp gave a career-best performance as his character underwent both possession and an exorcism. Will was largely absent last season, as he was trapped inside the Upside Down. His presence was felt by our main characters, but he was only shown in person a few times. This season, however, Will was front and center. From his terrifying visions of the Upside Down to his literal possession by the Shadow Monster (aka Mind Flayer), Will experienced the most trauma this season. I have never seen a young man scream or cry or writhe as much as Will, so he deserves this season’s MVP credit.

Honorary MVPs: Steve (he took a beating), Joyce (is still mother of the year), and Eleven (she beat the Shadow Monster!)

Craziest Death

Bob Stranger Things
Sean Astin was a perfect addition to the cast.

There was more blood this season — that’s for sure — and a lot of people died. Dustin’s cat Mews died, all of the scientists at Hawkins Lab died, and the fearless Mr. Newly died protecting everyone. Worst Onscreen Death definitely goes to Bob Newly. He started out as the Radio Shack guy who didn’t like scary movies, to the badass who took on half-a-dozen demo-dogs.

Sean Astin was a welcome newcomer to the cast this season. Astin’s experience in both The Goonies and Lord of the Rings already makes him a national treasure in fandom and now we’ll be mourning Bob. Bob solved the map, tracked the tunnels and gave his life for Joyce, as well as Will and Hopper. He is our top pick for saddest, craziest character death.

Honorary deaths: Mews. RIP.

Justice For…

Barb Stranger Things
#JusticeForBarb was a worldwide trend on social media in 2016.

That brings us to our next category: Justice for? Last season, Twitter blew up with the hashtag #JusticeforBarb after Barbara was left in the Upside Down to be fodder for the demogorgon. Justice for Barb was a huge part of this season, as Jonathan and Nancy worked to bring closure to her parents and bring down Hawkins Lab once and for all. So far Twitter has been tracking two tags seeking justice for Season 2 characters: #JusticeforBob and #JusticeforMews. This category definitely goes to Bob, who loved Kenny Rogers and cheesy movies like Mr. Mom.

But we’d be remiss if we didn’t shout-out Mews, who was TOO YOUNG TO DIE!

Poor Mews was eaten by Dustin’s “pet” demogorgon. Dammit, Dustin.

Craziest Moment

Baby Demogorgon Stranger Things
Dustin named his slimy little friend D’artagnan.

Speaking of Dustin, let’s just get real here: HE TRIED TO RAISE A DEMOGORGON. A lot of really crazy things happened this season. Will being possessed was probably the worst (poor Will) but the craziest was definitely Will playing E.T. with a baby demogorgon. Did it look like a demogorgon at first? No. Did everyone know that’s what it really was? We sure as heck did!

So why was Dustin so insistent on raising a demogorgon? Apparently, he wanted to impress a girl, MadMax.

Best Dance Moves


Now, these categories aren’t all serious. This season, the kids from Hawkins also cut some major rug! From Eleven and Mike dancing at the Winter Formal to Nancy rescuing Dustin so he wouldn’t dance alone, there were some super sweet moments.

Our Best Dance Moves superlative, however, goes to Chief Jim Hopper! Did you see him get his wiggle on in the cabin with Eleven? Better yet, have you seen this Twitter page that is devoted entirely to Jim dancing? Here are some of our favorite Hopper dance songs:

Some other fun superlatives include:

  • Best Hair: Steve — he’s all about that Farrah Fawcett life
  • Best Car: Joyce Byers — what other mom would have no problems driving around in the car from Cujo???
  • Best Kiss: Jonathan and Nancy — who else has been rooting for them since Season 1?
  • Best New Character: Erica — Lucas’ little sister better be in Season 3!

Stranger Things Season 1 and 2 are currently available on Netflix worldwide.

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