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With Dragon Ball Super rapidly approaching its finale, it’s pretty clear that the anime won’t be able to address some of the story beats hinted at over the series’ run. As Dragon Ball is certainly coming back as a film and presumably future content beyond that, it’s safe to say that there will at least be opportunities to explore these ideas. While these six story beats won’t manifest in the remaining episodes of Super, hopefully, future iterations of Dragon Ball will explore these dangling plot threads.

Beerus’ Role in the Destruction of Planet Vegeta

Poised to be a great confrontation.

While Freeza is directly responsible for the destruction of Planet Vegeta and the near eradication of the Saiyan race, we find out in Super that Beerus ordered the space tyrant to commit this atrocity. Right now, the only characters aware of this are Whis, Beerus, and Freeza. Unsurprisingly, Beerus expresses a desire to keep this information away from Vegeta, who wouldn’t react too kindly to learning of Beerus’ role in the destruction of his home.

If Vegeta did discover Beerus’ deception, it would be the perfect way to force a confrontation between the two. Even if Vegeta didn’t want to fight Beerus, his pride would compel him to do so. We’d finally get to see just how far his new form can take him. It could give him just enough of an edge to defeat the God of Destruction — or to at least close the gap. This conflict has been a long time coming. Hopefully, we’ll get to see it play out in future versions of Dragon Ball.

Vegeta Visiting Planet Sadala

The Saiyans of Universe 6 deserve further exploration.

In Dragon Ball Super, we learn that the Saiyan race not only exists but is still thriving in Universe 6. This discovery leads to the formation of one of the best relationships in the series between Vegeta and Universe 6’s Cabba. Vegeta has a standing invitation from Cabba to visit his version of the Saiyan homeworld, Planet Sadala. Unfortunately, this planet — along with the entirety of Universe 6 — was recently erased. But if it were brought back into existence, this could make for a fascinating storyline.

It would be a treat to see the prideful and hot-headed Vegeta interact with a more peaceful Saiyan race. Also, imagine how heartwarming (or heartbreaking) it would be to watch Vegeta visit a universe where his race wasn’t obliterated. Very rarely in Dragon Ball have we actually seen people treat Vegeta like royalty. His reaction would be priceless.

Exploring the Remaining Four Universes

Plenty of possibilities here.

Only eight out of the twelve universes competed in the Tournament of Power. The universes with an average mortal rank above seven — Universes 1, 5, 8, and 12 — didn’t have to participate. Their exclusion from the tournament makes them all the more intriguing. We want to know just how powerful these warriors are and what their worlds are like.

Leaving these four universes as blank slates was a smart move. It gives future iterations of the series the room to develop future story arcs. This could give the series a sense of expansion, which has waned since the original Dragon Ball. Here’s hoping that whatever’s next for Dragon Ball explores these mysterious and supposedly advanced universes.

The Angels and the Grand Priest

What’s going on with this blue family?

The Grand Priest and his children serve as attendants to the gods. The Grand Priest serves Zeno while his kids help out the Gods of Destruction of the various universes. This is odd since they’re stronger than the Gods of Destruction and potentially even Zeno himself. Known as Angels, it’s still a mystery as to why these characters live a life of servitude instead of ruling the universes themselves.

Fans are desperate to learn more about this incredibly powerful family. Some speculate that they will be future antagonists in Dragon Ball, while others think that the Grand Priest will go on to train Goku after the Tournament of Power ends. No matter how the story plays out, we welcome any further exploration of these characters in future Dragon Ball tales.

Will We Ever See Future Trunks Again?

Bring back the boy who went back to the future.

At the end of the Goku Black arc, the future was destroyed by Future Zeno which left Future Trunks and Future Mai without a home to return to. Whis intervened and sent the time travelers to a point in the future before Zamasu began destroying humanity. However, this meant that two nearly identical versions of Trunks and Mai would exist within the same timeline. The anime kind of sidestepped the issues that this might entail. But many fans assumed that this precarious situation meant that Future Trunks would return to the main timeline for good.

As a fan favorite, it makes sense that many want Future Trunks to stick around for more than just a single story arc at a time. Hopefully, the series eventually gets back to examining his ambiguous situation and finally gives Future Trunks the happy ending he deserves.

Taking Care of the Zenos

Fun-sized double trouble.

Ever since Future Zeno entered the main Dragon Ball timeline, fans have wondered if anything would ever result from this development. Many speculated that having two almighty rulers of reality would eventually lead to some trouble or infighting. However, that’s yet to come to fruition outside of the Tournament of Power, which was going to happen anyway.

As the Zenos are very impressionable, it would be interesting to see someone try to turn the two against each other for their own gain. It really seemed like Dragon Ball Super was setting something up by having Future Zeno stick around. It would be great if future Dragon Ball stories executed on this development.

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