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Zuleika Boekhoudt
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DC Comics has not only dominated the box office but also the small screen with both live-action and animated series. Unfortunately, if you’ve already seen everything DC has to offer, then you’ll have to wait a while for new shows and movies to premiere. Luckily, the battles and characters found in anime are sure to satisfy supporters of the comic powerhouse. So, here are five anime to watch if you’re a DC fan.

The Big O

anime to watch if you're a DC fan The Big O
Move over, Batman! Roger Smith is here.

Why doesn’t anyone in Paradigm City remember what happened 40 years ago? Who or what has erased their memories? The city’s most successful negotiator, Roger Smith is on the case to find out. With the help of his giant robot and skillful butler Norman Burg, Roger will get to the bottom of this mystery. Rounding out this ragtag group is the sarcastic, human-like android R. Dorothy Wayneright.

DC and anime fans alike might be surprised to learn that the American cartoon Batman: The Animated Series was one of the many projects worked on by Sunrise, the Japanese animation studio behind The Big O. In fact, the studio’s work on the Batman cartoon influenced Roger Smith’s character design. Like the Caped Crusader, Roger has slicked-back, black hair and is a hit with the ladies. They both also follow a strict no-gun philosophy, albeit for different reasons. Not to mention, Roger also has a butler who doubles as a father figure and a sidekick who brings the comic relief.

My Hero Academia

anime to watch if you're a DC fan My Hero Academia
Anime's version of 'Young Justice.'

In My Hero Academia, the number of people with Quirks (or superpowers) has been on the rise. Although some remain powerless, 80% of the population possesses these unique abilities. Enter Izuku Midoriya, a Quirkless young boy who spends his days studying and taking notes on heroes in hopes that he can become one himself. Finally, his dream becomes a reality when he meets his idol and the world’s number one hero, All Might.

But even with the number one hero by his side, Midoriya’s journey isn’t an easy one. He goes through intense training to control his new abilities to get accepted into U.A. High School, a prestigious academy with a very intense hero training program. Joining him are a bunch of teenagers who also want to be heroes. Together, they’ll face any challenge that the teachers and villains throw at them.

My Hero Academia‘s superhero action far surpasses that of any DC or Marvel animated series. The various school events and encounters with bad guys put the novice superheroes up against seemingly unstoppable foes. Watching them use their Quirks and wit to overcome their adversaries results in an epic battle sure to have you on the edge of your seat. Also, if you’re a fan of Young JusticeClass 1-A‘s camaraderie and heroic adventures are sure to resonate with you.

One-Punch Man

anime to watch if you're a DC fan One-Punch Man
Who would win: Superman or Saitama?

In a world much different from our own exists humans with superpowers. Some have cool powers, like telepathy and super speed, whereas others possess less-desirable abilities, like giant lobster claws. However, it’s the superhero, Saitama (aka One-Punch Man) who perhaps possesses the greatest power of all — the ability to defeat anyone opponent with a single punch. Is there anyone who can defeat Saitama? That’s what Saitama and his apprentice Genos, a 19-year-old cyborg, intend to find out as they search for a worthy opponent.

If you like the physical prowess of Superman and the humor of the Flash, then One-Punch Man will surely remind you of both heroes. The titular character is the strongest hero around, but unlike Superman, the rest of the world doesn’t even know he exists — and he doesn’t care. Besides his lack of ego, Saitama’s dry and dark humor makes the series even more fun to watch.

Tiger & Bunny

anime to watch if you're a DC fan Tiger and Bunny
Being a superhero doesn't pay the bills.

When you combine superhumans with reality TV, you get the superhero comedy Tiger & Bunny. In this world, some humans are born with special abilities. To put their powers to good use and make a living, these superheroes earn sponsorships from companies and fight crime with a TV crew in tow. The heroes earn points for each criminal they capture or citizen they save.

One such hero is Wild Tiger, whose popularity has declined after a long time in the game. Consequently, he’s partnered with a new superhero, Barnaby Brooks Jr. But their egos make it impossible for them to work together. Will they get it together and become a dynamic duo, or will they get dropped by their sponsors?

Paying superheroes for saving people is unheard of in American animation. However, not every hero is like Bruce Wayne, who can afford to live a comfortable life while saving the city. So, if you’re looking for a more realistic take on the superhero genre, but also want to see some baddies get locked up, then check out Tiger & Bunny.

Deadman Wonderland

anime to watch if you're a DC fan Deadman Wonderland
There's always a weird one.

Sitting in class, Ganta sees a strange man covered in blood and wearing crimson armor. Without warning, the man kills everyone in the classroom — excluding Ganta. As the sole survivor of the attack, Ganta is found guilty by the court and sent to Deadman Wonderland, a prison that doubles as a theme park.

There, Ganta gets fitted with a collar that not only monitors his location and vital signs but also administers a poison. The only way to neutralize it is to eat a candy-like medicine, which can only be earned by doing odd and dangerous jobs. Luckily, as one of the prison’s “Deadmen,” Ganta possesses the ability to turn his blood into a weapon. Unfortunately, he must use his ability to fight to the death against other Deadmen for the entertainment of the wealthy elite — and for a chance to win candy.

Suicide Squad will love Deadman Wonderland. Like notorious Suicide Squad creator Amanda Waller, the mysterious organization running the Deadman Wonderland gets the prisoners to do its bidding against their will. While the anime doesn’t go so far as to have its prisoners kill other criminals for the good of the nation, the “perform or die” dilemma they face is reminiscent of what the members of the Suicide Squad go through.

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