Who Is the Surprise Character in the ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Finale?

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Patrick J. Adams, best known for his role on the USA series Suitshas been cast in a mysterious role on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. All we know is Adams will be appearing as a “surprise character” in the season finale, with his identity being kept tightly under wraps. He is, according to an EW report, a “fun character the fans will love.”

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Who exactly will Patrick J. Adams be playing in the finale? Here are some of our best guesses.

Booster Gold


The big obvious candidate everyone is talking about is Booster Gold, lovable screwup of the 25th Century. Booster Gold was a museum janitor who stole a bunch of old superhero equipment and time-traveled to the present, where he could stop crimes using his database of future knowledge. Of course, the fame and glory and recognition don’t hurt either. He quickly gained a reputation for failing big with his zany get-rich-quick schemes, usually accompanied by his best friend Blue Beetle. Booster Gold is no stranger to time travel. In the comics he spends a lot of time helping Rip Hunter fix problems in the timestream. Oh yeah, did we mention he’s also Rip Hunter’s dad?

UPDATE: TVLine has a report claiming Booster Gold can be ruled out. That makes us sad, so we’ll wait and see. On to the other options!

Batman Beyond

Batman Beyond Terry McGinnis

There’s been a rumor going around that the Arrowverse might be able to use characters from Batman Beyond. It’s well-known that the DC TV shows can’t use characters from Batman (remember when they couldn’t do Harley Quinn?), but fans are hoping Batman Beyond is just removed enough that it might work. As much as people want to see Terry McGinnis, it’s unlikely that we’ll ever actually see him suited up in the batsuit and using the name Batman. However, there is another character in the Batman Beyond mythos who might work… a character already connected to the existing cast! It’s…


Warhawk Batman Beyond

If you don’t recognize him immediately, this is Warhawk. In the Batman Beyond future, he’s a member of the Justice League. His father is Green Lantern and his mother is, wait for it… Hawkgirl. We’ve already met one of Hawkgirl’s offspring this season on Legends, so it would make sense that the show might explore her future children as well.

Cosmic Boy

Cosmic Boy Legion of Super-Heroes

The Legion of Super-Heroes of the 30th Century are one of DC’s weirder properties. A team of dozens of teenage heroes from different planets living 1000 years in the future, all with names like Karate Kid (who came before the movie, dammit) and Matter-Eater Lad. They’re probably the best-known vision of the future in DC Comics, so it seems inevitable that the time-traveling Legends will run into them eventually. Cosmic Boy is their leader, a young hero with the ability to manipulate magnetism. It seems like DC is trying to raise Cosmic Boy’s profile since they included a free figurine with every copy of his appearance in LEGO Justice League: Cosmic Clash.


Impulse Young Justice

The one big thing we know about this mysterious character is that he’s supposed to be “fun.” We can also guess that he’ll have some connection to established characters in the Arrowverse. Who’s more fun than Impulse, Barry Allen’s grandson from the future? Impulse is known for not carefully thinking through his actions, which led to a lot of wacky adventures in the original Young Justice comic. We’ve already seen Legends tackle the future of Oliver Queen and his children… so it makes sense that eventually we would have to see them give the Flash the same treatment!

For more on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, check out the Arrowverse Wiki on Wikia! 

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