Tarantino’s Next Could Be An Australian 1930’s Gangster Story

Drew Dietsch

The Hateful Eight will probably end up being controversial filmmaker Quentin Tarantino‘s most divisive movie ever. That’s saying something considering that Tarantino’s films often court controversy and make it work to their advantage. Still, Tarantino is easily one of our greatest living filmmakers and it’s always enticing to hear what he has planned next.

According to an interview with Australian movie site So Is It Any Good, Tarantino is already thinking about his next cinematic endeavor. He envisions “Bonnie and Clyde-ish story with a couple of outlaws in Australia” that would take place in the 1930s. Tarantino has always been a big fan of Australian film, specifically the “Ozploitation” genre of ’70s and ’80s. He was even interviewed about the subject in the excellent documentary Not Quite Hollywood.

quentin tarantino django

Tarantino is famous for doing pitches in public (he’s talked about a third Kill Bill film forever), so while you should take his enthusiasm with a grain of salt, a period gangster piece has been one of the genres fans of Tarantino have been aching for. The added bit of unique flavor here would be setting the film in Australia instead of the typical American backdrop. Tarantino obviously has an affinity for the country seeing as how he played an Australian in Django Unchained and named Australian film Mad Max: Fury Road his favorite film of 2015.

If the director is really sticking by his decision to only make two more feature films, those choices are going to carry some serious weight. Many fans would like to see Tarantino do a horror movie (he did write the script for From Dusk Till Dawn, but his buddy Robert Rodriguez handled the directing on that picture), but I’d be more on board with his last two pictures being a period gangster film and something in the realm of science fiction. If he does follow through with this current idea, that will be one down and one to go.