‘The Bachelor’: Bodyslams, Crushed Hearts, and More Cringeworthy Moments From E3

Adam Salandra

Arie Luyendyk had such a great time watching the women violently crash into each other during last week’s demolition derby challenge that he decided to have them face off again during the latest episode of The Bachelor. This time, however, they had to get physical in a wrestling ring.

While we’re still struggling to tell the difference between a Lauren S. and a Lauren B., the ladies were struggling to literally body slam their competition in order to prove to Arie that they’re marriage material. GLOB, or the Gorgeous Ladies Of The Bachelor, didn’t pull any punches when it came to vying for Arie’s attention and it led to a few awkward moments that we’re breaking down below.

Bibiana And Tia Can’t Handle The Heat

Arie enlisted two original members the 1980s series GLOW, Ursula Hayden and Angelina Altishin, to help train the ladies in the ring this week and the former pro wrestlers weren’t going easy on their pupils. Angelina made fun of Bibiana’s name and called her “absolutely pathetic,” and — unsurprisingly to anyone who watched last week’s episode — the fiery contestant didn’t exactly take the comments well.  Meanwhile, Tia got her hair yanked by Ursula and quickly joined Bibiana for a cry session in the corner.

Lauren S. Can’t Stop Talking

Lauren S. was taken on a private plane ride to Napa for her one-on-one date with Arie, but her nerves quickly got the best of her. The contestant was all over the place while chatting non-stop, admitting that she just wasn’t able to be herself around our bachelor. Clearly Arie felt the same way and sent Lauren S. on an early flight home.


Annaliese’s Dog Trauma

Annaliese did not have a great childhood and it’s really affecting her dating life. After admitting last week that she had “bumper car trauma” — which just involved her not enjoying the feeling of being bumped into on the ride — she bravely revealed that she has dog trauma as well. Arie likely thought a date filled with cute pups would make the ladies happy, but Annaliese just doesn’t get to experience joy the way the rest of us do because she was stripped of it in her youth. This time we discover that it was a dog named Sunshine that gave her puppy PTSD and the producers once again bless us with a hilarious recreated flashback. Luckily for Annaliese, she’s given the role of “pooper scooper,” so only has to clean up after the dogs. What a relief.


Bibiana’s ‘Romantic Setup’ Backfires

Poor Bibiana can’t catch a break. She set up a romantic scene, complete with pillows and a telescope, in order to romance Arie with a little stargazing. But before she was able to share her plan with her man, he stumbled onto the setup with Lauren B. So enchanted by the space, he continued to bring the ladies there one by one. And when Bibiana tried to swoop in and spend some time with Arie, he asks her to wait a few more minutes and makes her leave the very date spot that she created.


Annaliese Is Desperate For A Kiss

It looks like we’ll soon be adding The Bachelor to Annaliese’s neverending list of traumas because her final night with Arie did not go well, to say the least. Their alone time together was filled with awkward silences and he didn’t even kiss her goodbye. (And in case you didn’t notice, this guy likes to kiss. A lot. It’s getting uncomfy, actually.) Later, when she tries to confront Arie about why they didn’t share a smooch, he explained that “I just don’t think we’re there yet.” And then sent her away so he could make out with everyone else some more. When she comes back yet again to find out why they aren’t connecting, he’s forced to admit he’s just not feeling it and sends her home before the rose ceremony even begins. Traumatic.

Adam Salandra
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