The Funniest Reactions To ‘Black Mirror’ Season 4

Kim Taylor-Foster
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WARNING: This article contains SPOILERS for Season 4 of Black Mirror.

Black Mirror Season 4 has got us all talking — as the series always does. Fans have binged all six episodes and are digesting what they’ve seen. Amid the dark and depressing nihilism on display in Charlie Brooker’s prescient series about technology, there is some levity — even if most of it comes from viewers taking to social media to air their (very funny) thoughts. What follows are some of the best.

Firstly, there’s this guy, poking fun at the twist at the end of “Crocodile”, the episode in which a guinea pig witnesses a heinous crime and lives to tell the tale — by means of a device designed to reap memories:

And then there’s this other person, who is also intent on anthropomorphising the guinea pig by repurposing a shot from 1980s classic The Breakfast Club:

This person, meanwhile, uses a good doggo to emphasise his point:

There’s this chap, getting in on the ‘Pitch Your Own Black Mirror Episode” action, who just might have been struggling to watch the show uninterrupted over the holidays:

Oh, and this person, taking her own satirical swipe in reference to the Jodie Foster-directed episode “Arkangel”, about an implanted technology designed for helicopter parents that blurs out the bad aspects of life:

This person, who is now forever haunted by the ‘what if’ posed by episode 1, “USS Callister”, in which a vengeful company boss locks co-workers who cross him inside a VR game he controls from which they can’t escape:

And these people, who think actor Jesse Plemons looks a lot like Matt Damon:

This Twitter user, meanwhile, references episode 1 of Season 3 of Black Mirror to convey her thoughts on two of Season 4’s episodes:

This guy uses a picture to simplify the storylines of each Black Mirror episode:

And this Tweet, that refers to “Arkangel” — isn’t funny but is pretty jaw-dropping:

Of course, not for you, Vincent — this Twitter user refuses to align himself with the characters using an automated dating system in “Hang the DJ”, and also has an insight into the type of people who might like this particular episode:

This person, on the other hand, got the fear from one of the stories in episode 6, “Black Museum”, in which a human consciousness is inserted into a talking monkey toy, and wanted to take a meat cleaver to all her soft toys:

The Hunger Games’ Elizabeth Banks, meanwhile, has this to say:

You can watch Black Mirror Season 4 now on Netflix.

Kim Taylor-Foster
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