‘The Walking Dead’: Negan’s Backstory Will Make You Love Him

Corey Denis
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SPOILER ALERT: The post contains spoilers from The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 5 entitled “The Big Scary U.” Proceed with caution.

The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 5 “The Big Scary U” isn’t scary at all. True to the title, it forces fans to go back to school and question everything we thought we knew about good and evil. We’ve all been waiting to find out what happened when Negan surprised Father Gabriel in Season 8 Episode 1, but after the most recent installment in the story we are left with more knowledge, and more questions. Negan is the man everyone loves to hate, but his backstory will make you love to love him. Eugene is the most hated man carrying a pickle jar east of the Rocky Mountains, and his current story will make you hate him even more in the midst of an all out war. Season 8 Episode 5 of The Walking Dead shines a light on the show’s most evil and questionable characters through history lessons, while providing the promise of a future. And, it rhymes.

Who is Benedict Arnold?

‘The Big Scary U’ invoked the Revolutionary War, and with good reason. Alexandria, Virginia is George Washington’s hometown and was once part of Washington, D.C., the nation’s capital. When Benedict Arnold is mentioned in the midst of The Walking Dead’s all out war, the entire Internet finds itself back in history class. Benedict Arnold is America’s original traitor. He fought for freedom from the British, and then he fought with the British against the Colonials. Who is the Benedict Arnold of The Walking Dead? Turns out there’s more than one character who fits the mold.

Eugene is Benedict Arnold, Maybe

Eugene refers to Benedict Arnold, and outs himself immediately:

Gregory is Benedict Arnold, For Sure

. . . And we knew it all along.

Negan & Father Gabriel BFF 4 EVAR

While it’s unclear if Dwight is also Benedict Arnold, Father Gabriel is stuck in a room with Negan in the fight of his life. Fear not, Father Gabriel fans! Turns out when Negan asked Gabriel if he was wearing his s–ting pants, he really meant “Let’s be friends.”

Negan Is Great With Kids, Apparently

Negan’s propensity for helping children was obvious, right? Wrong. Looks like he was a teacher before the outbreak, and school’s in session.

Negan’s Oedipus Complex is Obvi

Whether or not he has a legit Oedipus Complex remains to be seen, but the man sure does enjoy inserting his genitals into as much dialogue as possible, and Twitter approves.

Negan Is a Poet

Negan’s propensity for his own genitals reveals itself in his stellar poetry.

Negan’s First Wife

Grab the tissues, Negan’s backstory will make you feel sorry for him.

Dat Whistle Tho

Whistling is hard, but Negan nails it. Again.

WTF Helicopter

In the spirit of history while relaying a future yet to come, the episode ends with a helicopter sighting. It isn’t the first one we’ve seen since Season 1. The history of the show is starting to come full circle.

History Rhymes

In just one episode, fans are exposed to one character’s backstory, remnants of American history in a post-apocalyptic world, and a vision of the confusing future. Negan’s backstory will make you love him, but remembering the story of Benedict Arnold will make you dislike Eugene and Gregory even more than before. The helicopter flying over Rick Grimes’ head is a vision of the future, harkening back to past episodes when other helicopters have been revealed.

While some may say little happens in the episode, it actually drops clues for the future. Negan killed Glenn but justifies his own behavior throughout the entire episode. Eugene and Gregory are unpredictable because they are capable of switching sides during a war. The helicopter implies a future around the corner which may unite all sides.

What do you think? Who is more evil, Negan or Benedict Arnold? Is it better to know the person in front of you, even if you disagree with their behavior? Let us know what you think @getfandom on Twitter and Facebook.

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