There May Be More Walking Dead Crossovers To Come

Kim Taylor-Foster
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Crossovers are a beautiful thing. When the announcement was made that Lennie James, who plays fan-favourite Morgan Jones, was crossing over from The Walking Dead to Fear the Walking Dead, fans were stunned. Half a season in, and Morgan is now embedded in the spin-off series.

With the second half of Season 4 approaching, the Fear the Walking Dead team took to the stage at a San Diego Comic-Con press conference. When asked if an upcoming time jump in flagship show The Walking Dead ruled out further crossovers, Walking Dead Chief Content Officer Scott M. Gimple said:

“It does not. That’s about all I’ve got to say. I wouldn’t expect it all the time but things could happen. You ever know who might pop up on Fear the Walking Dead and that includes not only Walking Dead stuff but even potentially people from the past of Fear the Walking Dead.”

Al’s Tapes

During the first half of Season 4 of Fear, we were introduced to Maggie Grace’s character, Althea — a woman who documents the apocalypse via a series of on-camera interviews. A brief glimpse of some of her tapes revealed that she had spoken to and recorded Abraham Ford and Eugene Porter on her travels; one of the cassettes was labeled: “Abe/Doctor.”

Abraham, of course, was brutally killed at the hands of Negan and his trusty baseball bat Lucille in the main show. So could we potentially see the contents of that tape? Or a flashback to the moment they meet?

Showrunner Ian Goldberg says there’s more to come yet with regard to Al’s tapes, which is evidence to support this.

“We can tell you we will definitely be exploring more with those tapes and why they mean so much to Al,” he said. “In a couple of different circumstances. She’s hinted at why they mean so much to her, what’s on them, but we’re going to pull back a whole other layer across a couple of episodes.”

Fear Past

Fear the Walking Dead-Proctor John
Proctor John was an unnerving villain in Season 3 of Fear.

With Gimple hinting that we could see some past Fear characters return, there are several possibilities. Front of mind is Proctor John and his band of antagonists whose fate we’ve heard nothing about since the show’s time jump. While the series’ new showrunners were keen to take Fear in another direction in Season 4, for viewers it was frustrating that events from the finale of Season 3 weren’t tied up. Proctor John was shaping up to be an unsettling and unpredictable villain so it would be great to bring him back and pick up the interesting relationship that was developing between him and Alicia – particularly now her family is dead.

Another very probable possibility is Ruben Blades’ Daniel Salazar. Co-showrunner Andrew Chambliss has already confirmed that Daniel survived the dam explosion, telling TV Line: “[Daniel] is alive out there. The details surrounding that are something that we’re still keeping under wraps.”

He added that there’s “a very good chance” that Daniel will turn up again in the Walking Dead TV universe – which could hint at him even popping up in the main series. Watch this space.

Kim Taylor-Foster
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