There’s Tons of New Footage in the New ‘Cars 3’ Trailer

Kim Taylor-Foster
Movies Disney
Movies Disney
The new Cars 3 trailer from animation giants Disney and Pixar has revealed more gorgeous-looking snippets from the film.
Most notably, there’s a closer look at Lightning McQueen rival, new kid on the block Jackson Storm. One of the “next generation of high-tech racers”, Jackson Storm seems unbeatable – and he’s cocky with it.
“You have no idea what a pleasure it is for me to finally beat you,” the sleek, black model says to McQueen’s old-school red racing car.
McQueen replies, “Did you say meet or beat?”
To which Storm retorts, “I think you heard me.”
The trailer shows us Lightning McQueen’s efforts to keep up with the new technology all around him. They now use treadmills, wind tunnels, virtual reality and interactive race simulation to train/test cars, and it’s something he struggles to get to grips with.
The best sequence of the trailer shows a brief glimpse of McQueen apparently repairing himself in what seems to be an homage to John Carpenter’s Christine.
The film is out on June 16 in the US and July 14 in the UK.
Kim Taylor-Foster
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