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You might not know it, but for fans of Ubisoft’s stadium-packing Rainbow Six: Siege, it’s been quite a bumpy ride. When the Tom Clancy-branded multiplayer shooter first launched back in 2016, it sadly failed to find an audience. Thanks to poor sales and low levels of interest on platforms like Twitch, the internet quickly labeled this esport as a flop of Magikarp proportions. Thankfully though, Ubisoft didn’t give up on it, and over the course of 12 short months, the company managed to turn a shaky start into a lap-leading sprint.

With Rainbow Six: Siege now drawing in huge audiences, both on and offline, we decided it was time to dive in and give it a go, I mean, how hard can it be?  So, just before the creme de la creme of the esport scene were about to gather in Paris for Rainbow Six: Siege’s second major tournament, we thought we’d give them a run for their money.

Can FANDOM's Rainbros take on some Rainpros after pouring MINUTES into the game?

While we could have spent weeks training, actually playing the game seemed downright un-scientific. So, like two responsible game journalists, we thought we’d dive in after pouring literally MINUTES into Rainbow Six: Siege and see whether we could take on the best Siege-playing YouTubers and gaming press in the UK.

Armed with nothing but cheap outfits, a fridge full of energy drinks and a few questionable montages we were finally ready to take on these so-called ‘pro gamers’ at their own—well, Ubisoft’s – game.

Check out how FANDOM’s very own gaming editor and host ( now known as Tsports and Zsports) got on in the video above.WARNING: May contain painfully bad examples of teamplay…only from all of our opponents though, obviously.

For more about the future of Rainbow Six: Siege check out Ubisoft’s exciting plans below.

Tom Regan
Having written for everyone from Trusted Reviews to The Guardian, Tom is a London based writer who can't stop talking about games. Now he's joined the team at FANDOM as gaming editor, we have to constantly remind ourselves that he's not actually Ed Sheeran.
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