Top 10 Most Ridiculous ‘Total Divas’ Moments of All Time


There is no shortage of ridiculous moments on E!’s hit show, Total Divas, which follows the lives of WWE’s female wrestlers. Whether you watch the show for Nikki Bella’s sass, Ariane’s attitude, or Summer Rae’s drama, there is something for everyone. Check out our top ten most ridiculous Diva moments of all time while you count down the minutes until the Season 5 premiere of Total Divas, which airs on January 19.

Eva Marie’s Dancing Fiasco

In a desperate attempt to make a name for herself in the beginning of her Diva career, Eva Marie volunteers to be Fandango’s dance partner on stage. There is just one problem – Eva has no dancing experience and lied about her experience to WWE. Trinity summarized Eva’s dancing the best when she said, “If [Eva’s] a dancer, I’m a freaking astronaut.” I’m guessing that Trinity won’t be going into space anytime soon.


Nattie Hires a Dominatrix

Nattie trying to find her inner dominatrix is a recipe for pure entertainment. While trying to recreate her on-stage look, Nattie hires a dominatrix to show her some moves that she can use in the ring. Using T.J. as her subject, Nattie attempts to dominate the room to no avail as T.J. storms out on her. The best part of this scene is that Nattie and T.J.’s safe word is – you guessed it – “cat”.

Rosa’s Planned Wardrobe Malfunction

A nip slip would not be the most shocking thing in the WWE world – but an intentional wardrobe malfunction? Now, that is another story. Rosa asks Alicia Fox to help her plan how to stage the perfect “accidental” nip slip. Spoiler – the attempt failed, but she did show some skin when another Diva accidentally pulled down her shorts in a different match. Don’t worry, Rosa was thrilled because she got hundreds of new Twitter followers after the incident!


Nattie Pees Mid-Match

Nattie had a little accident in the ring in the first season of Total Divas. During a wrestling match against Trinity, Nattie gets hit in the stomach, making her pee her pants on stage. Believe it or not, that is not the most embarrassing on-stage accident. We will spare you the details, but just know that it involved John Cena, number two, and a bad case of food poisoning. Whoops!


The Bella Twins Attempt to Sing

The Bella Twins can wrestle, they can model, they can even act – but can they sing? That question was put to rest in the episode when Brie and Nikki both test their skills at a music recording studio. Even auto-tune could not save them.


Nattie and Summer Get Physical

E!’s best and worst move was putting Summer Rae on Total Divas. While there was never a shortage of drama, she also happened to be the most hated Diva on the show. The peak of the Summer drama was her full blown fight with Nattie. Weeks after Summer slapped Nattie in her own house, Nattie has a meltdown, yanks Summer out of her car, dragging her by her hair, in the middle of Indiana. Summer did tell Nattie that her hair looked like a mullet, after all.


A House Full of Cats

It is not an understatement to say that Nattie and T.J. are a little cat-obsessed. Nattie decides to invite 18 foster cats into her home for the weekend, which was a complete “cat-astrophe” to say the least. She is taking her crazy cat lady title to a whole new level!


The Scandalous Photo Incident

In one of the most cringeworthy moments on Total Divas, Brie and Nikki’s brother, JJ,  accidentally sends them nude photos intended for his wife. Instead of immediately deleting the photos, Nikki proceeds to show her whole family the photos, horrifying JJ.


The Fake Pot Brownie

Paige is one of our favorite pranksters on the show, but she went a little too far with the pot brownie prank. After Nattie eats a few brownies at a party, Paige convinces her that she actually ate “happy brownies”. The next day, WWE calls Nattie in for a routine drug test and Nattie decides that it is a good idea to intentionally crash her car into a dumpster so that she has an excuse to not show up for the drug test. After all that, Paige admits that the brownies were never laced with anything.


Vinnie Tries out for WWE

The phrase “it’s harder than it looks” really comes into play in the episode where Vinnie, Ariane’s boyfriend, decides to try out for WWE. He bites off a little more than he can chew and gives up after four minutes. “Babe”, maybe you should leave the wrestling to the Divas.

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