Ubisoft Press Conference LIVE at E3


E3 kicks off  this Sunday in Los Angeles. We’ll be covering the events all this week, including the upcoming Microsoft press conference beginning Monday, June 13 at 1:00pm PT / 4:00am ET.

Watch the events live, right here, as we detail the latest news and announcements.

12:58 Ubisoft is the king of hype-reels. Also this is a great song.

1:00 Some truly funky dance moves set to Queen. Just Dance makes a lot of money people.

1:05: Aisha Taylor, taking the stage with tact and excitement, all at the same time.

1:10: Ghost Recon Wildlands takes the stage with a new trailer. Soldiers take on a drug cartel by helicopter.

1:13: Dominic Butler, Lead Game Designer, chatting about cocaine. Unveils targeted assassination of a what is basically a human butcher. New video shows off cooperative assault of sicario location. You ever see that movie Sicario? Good times.

1:20: Alarm sounds. Everything goes crazy. This is actually very similar to the chaos of Farcry.

1:15: This crew is looking for a guy nicknemed El Pozolero. Anyone else getting hungry for some pozole? Oh, also a drone is unveiling a slew of enemies. This video is doing a great job of emphasizing the tactical nature of Wildlands.

1:23: Release date announced: March 7, 2017.

[ooyala video=A3NnA0NDE62bMgZDronAOPanfvpwyYJh][/ooyala]

1:25: Trey Parker and Matt Stone on stage for South Park: The Shattered But Whole. The team shows off the character creation tool. Make your own bizarre super hero! Let Cartman explain your tragic backstory.

1:30: Time for some South Park combat. Keeping some turn-based mechanics, but also bringing in design elements from board games. Combat is now in a grid to use space offensively and defensively.

1:34: Warp time with… uh… fart power, of course. This lets you play around with turn order and more. If you pre-order Fractured But Whole, you’ll get Stick of Turth for the platform of your choice. Release date: December 6, 2016. Roll the trailer!

1:38: The Division Underground expansion showcase from Massive Entertainment. New threats under the city. Mole-men? Balrogs? What is it Ubi!?

1:40: Snowy reveal of Expansion II: Survival. Stay frosty.

1:45: Palmer Lucky shows up to unveil some new Eagle Flight VR PVP footage. It’s Capture-the-Flag, but with birds.

1:47: First-person flight through overgrown Paris looks great. Also, the birds are shooting each other, though I’m not sure with what. Maybe eggs? Let’s say eggs for now.

1:50 More VR, this time Star Trek. Stars of the franchise, past and present, seem impressed. Different team roles are important and play together. This could be really great.

1:55: LeVar Burton takes the stage! He seems genuinely excited for the game. Since I would trust the former host of Reading Rainbow to the ends of the earth, I completely believe his optimism for Star Trek VR.

2:00: New trailer for For Honor. Looks like there’s actually a story to this game. World-ending destruction brought vikings, knights, and samurai together? Makes sense to me.

Oh, also a new villain. Interesting!

2:06: More trailer goodness, this time with ships and a rain of fire-arrows and gameplay. This siege looks pretty great, and features grappling hooks to climb up enemy fortifications.

I’m going to be bad at this game. I can already tell. And I’ll start to be bad when it launches February 14, 2017. Yes, Valentine’s Day.

2:14: A sequel to Grow Home, Grow Up. Looks cute.

2:16: There are people in track suits now, building up hype for the next Trials game. Apparently it’s the love child of Blood Dragon too. Trials of the Blood Dragon, and it comes out today!

2:20: And now it’s time for the Assassin’s Creed portion of the show. First up, building hype for the movie. Where’s Fassbender? The presenter is very mellow. Which is weird coming right after Trials of the Blood Dragon spectacle. Film hits December 21st.

2:28 Watch Dogs 2 is “hacking” the presentation. DeadSec, rebelling against a version of Facebook, is fighting for freedom on the streets of a very realistic San Francisco.

Pro-tip: If you’re a member of a secret illegal hacking group, don’t wear at hat that says the group name right on it. Definitely opt for cyber-goggles instead. In all seriousness, the hacking and stealth gameplay looks slick. Ubi’s applied some lessons from Assassin’s Creed here.

2:39: Yves Guillaume on stage to talk Watch Dogs 2. Unveils that all Sony console owners will get access to DLC one month before everyone else. And lastly one more new trailer for the game. Watch Dogs 2 hits this November 15.

2:45: One final game reveal and it’s a brand new title. An open-world action-sports game in a “new genre.” Extreme mountain sports!

The title: Steep.

I’m not sure this is a new genre considering we have things like SSX, but hey, mountain paragliding is alright. You can drop in to different challenges for different sports. This is begging to be VR. Expect that announcement to come eventually. Presumably after the game comes out this December.

2:55: No Beyond Good & Evil 2 this year folks. Sorry.

3:00: And that’s it folks! Ubisoft’s got a big slate. Let us know what you’re looking forward to @GetFandom!