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What if the world we knew was inhabited by not just humans, but other fantasy creatures like elves, fairies, and even orcs? What would that world look like, and how would society be different and the same? That’s the premise of Bright, an action-thriller film set in an alternate present-day.

Bright, from director David Ayer (Suicide Squad)is the story of two cops from very different backgrounds. Daryl Ward (Will Smith) is human. Ward’s partner, Nick Jakoby (Joel Edgerton), is an orc. While on a routine patrol, they come across a powerful artifact that, in the wrong hands could alter the future of their entire world. Battling personal differences and a horde of enemies, Ward and Jakoby must work together to prevent the destruction of everything they know.

Bright is a unique movie that demands a unique viewing experience.

Bright features a stellar cast and an exciting fantastical storyline. But what really sets it apart from other action films are the amazing audio and visuals. The best way to experience Bright on Netflix is to make sure you’re set up for the ultimate in immersive picture and sound with technologies like 4K/HDR and Dolby Surround/Dolby Atmos.

“That sort of recipe makes the movie a better, more realistic, more intimate, soulful experience,” says Ayer.

Here’s what you need…

4K/HDR TV. 4K displays sharper, more realistic images by using more pixels on screen  – 4 times more than HD! HDR gives you more contrast and bolder pixels. Want to see just how green an orc is? Or how bright the magic can be? A 4K/HDR combination will make Bright a viewing experience.

Surround Sound. You’ve got the image quality, now how about the sound? Surround sound immerses you in the action as the sound moves around the room, making it feel like the action is happening all around you! Want a more realistic experience? Opt for Dolby Atmos which gives you the extra dimension of sound from overhead. Go with what makes you feel comfortable from the multi-speaker set-up to the minimalist Dolby Atmos sound bar. Don’t want the neighbors to think an orc turf war is rampaging through your apartment? There are many headsets that support 3D sound technology, allowing you to watch Bright without letting the neighbors know!

Comfort. No viewing experience is complete without relaxing in your favorite place. Just hop on the sofa or curl up in bed, and grab lots of cushions and snacks. Grab a drink or two, open up the chips and chocolate and get ready to experience Bright as intended.

Stream Bright from December 22, only on Netflix.

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