5 Things We Want to See in a Venom Sequel

Evan Killham
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Venom, the new comic book movie starring Tom Hardy in dual roles — a guy who looks like Tom Hardy, and a freaky alien creature who takes over Tom Hardy’s body — is performing solidly at the box office. And, so, it’s time to look ahead to Sony’s possible return to the Spider-verse villain. Here are five things we really want to see in a Venom sequel.



venom carnage movie feature hero

Based on the mid-credits scene in the first movie, Carnage will definitely be the villain in a second. Woody Harrelson and his incredible red wig will appear as Cletus Kasady. He’s a dangerous, incarcerated serial killer who becomes even more deadly when he gets ahold of his own shapeshifting alien partner. Carnage, which feeds off of Kasady’s own evil, isn’t as restrained as Venom’s relatively tidy appearance. So the effects team will have its hands full animating the villain’s churning, roiling symbiote suit. But we’re pretty sure it’ll end up looking pretty cool.



We only got a quick look at what happens when Eddie Brock’s ex, Anne Weying, gets her own turn as a host for Venom. But in the comics, she gets a lengthier stint with superpowers. And while that storyline, unfortunately, ends in tragedy, we’d much prefer it if things go a little better for her. And a fight between Carnage and two versions of Venom would make for an amazing finale.


Carnage, USA

Filmmakers may not have time to both introduce Carnage and adapt this 2011 comic book miniseries, but we’d love to see them try. Carnage, USA has Kasady using his symbiote to take over an entire town in Colorado. In the original story, it takes an elite squad of alien-wielding soldiers and Venom himself to take the baddie down and save everyone. That may be some Venom 3 material if we’re honest, but we’ve wanted to see this story in live action since we read it.



If you stopped paying attention for a couple seconds at the start of Venom, you might have missed the name of one of the astronauts on the doomed Life Foundation spaceship. It was Jameson, which means that this character was John Jameson III, son of the famous editor of New York’s Daily Bugle. The character seems to have died from the injuries he suffered in the crash, but that’s never stopped writers of comic books or the movies they inspire from bringing people back. In the books, Jameson III fuses with a magical ruby on the moon and becomes a werewolf. And maybe the writers could goose that origin story a little, but we’d line up right now to see Venom 2: Venom Meets the Wolfman.


Venom vs. Spidey

It isn’t clear whether or not Venom takes place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but whether it does or not, we’d love to see what happens when this slightly nicer version of Eddie Brock and his alien pal meet up with their comic-book nemesis. While the charming Tom Holland version would be ideal, we wouldn’t turn down another Webhead. Sony could even bring in non-Peter Parker versions like Ben Reilly. And sure, he’s a clone of Parker in the comics and would, therefore, look exactly like Tom Holland. But they don’t have to keep that part.

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