‘Game of Thrones’ vs Marvel: Who Said It — Arya or Loki?

Kim Taylor-Foster
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Early Man, the latest charming claymation film from British studio Aardman, is the last place you’d expect to find Loki come face-to-face with Arya. But the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s God of Mischief does indeed go toe-to-toe with Game of Thrones’ pint-sized faceless assassin in this adorable film about a prehistoric football match. Well, kind of.

Tom Hiddleston plays villain Lord Nooth, a French-accented money-loving tyrant intent on destroying the village of a nearby tribe in order to mine the bronze ore beneath. When one of his own, Goona (Maisie Williams doing a Norwegian accent) meets plucky villager Dug, she’s soon switching sides, vowing to help Dug and his tribe win back their land in a football match they seem destined to lose. But when it looks like things might just go in their favour, Lord Nooth does all he can to put a spanner in the works.

Epic Face-Off

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Tom Hiddleston voices Lord Nooth, far left, with a French accent, while Maisie Williams voices Goona, far right, with a Norwegian accent.

With Hiddleston famously playing Loki in the MCU, and Williams GoT’s Arya, there’s an added frisson to this animated encounter. FANDOM got Tom Hiddleston and Maisie Williams together in the same room to recreate this epic face-off. But instead of giving them a football and a slab of plasticine, we armed them with a list of some of the best lines from both Loki and Arya. Which they sportingly fired off at one another.

But there was a twist. Each had to guess which character the line was spoken by. And in an attempt to disguise the famous words, they repeated each line of dialogue in their Early Man accents. Watch the results in the video above.

Early Man hits screens in the UK on January 26 and in the US on February 16.

Kim Taylor-Foster
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