We Probably Won’t See Etta Candy in ‘Wonder Woman 1984’

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Everyone who’s seen Wonder Woman knows that Etta Candy, played by the iconic Lucy Davis, pretty much steals the movie. She’s brave, hilarious, and not opposed to engaging in a bit of fisticuffs should the occasion arise. So fans are obviously wondering if we’ll get to see Etta return in 2019’s Wonder Woman 1984. It’s not completely out of the question, despite the fact that Wonder Woman 1984 is making a substantial time jump (from 1918 to, ya know, 1984). If Steve Trevor can come back from the dead, surely Etta Candy can make a cameo as a feisty 90-something-year-old.

Davis is currently gearing up to make her debut as Hilda Spellman in Netflix’s dark reimagining of everyone’s teen witch, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. We caught up with the actor during a Chilling Adventures set visit in Vancouver earlier in September and asked about strong female role models and the possibility of seeing Etta again.

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We probably won’t see Etta return for Wonder Woman 1984

It’s not looking likely that Etta will make that glorious Wonder Woman 1984 cameo. “I’m not allowed to say anything,” Davis said when first asked about the possibility of reprising Etta, “but basically I’m here, not there, if that helps.” Chilling Adventures shoots in Vancouver and Wonder Woman 1984 was last spotted filming in Washington, D.C.. Of course, there’s always a chance Davis could get that last-minute phone call from director Patty Jenkins, but it isn’t sounding likely.

Sabrina’s actually a lot like Wonder Woman

Davis couldn’t be happier about starring in a show with a similarly powerful female lead. She said, “We’re in this time where there [are] such shifts. There [are] such changes happening everywhere. In my lifetime I’ve never been aware of such unity and people actually coming together for causes rather than being in our separate corners. I think now Sabrina comes in kind of like Gal Gadot in Wonder Woman. [She’s] somebody who I’ve always been quite amazed at.”

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Davis is learning a lot from her young Chilling Adventures of Sabrina co-stars

Davis already feels that the youngest generation is worlds ahead of where she was when she was a teenager. “I was never that brave, outspoken, and Kiernan [Shipka, who plays Sabrina] is that. She’s that person. She’s super nice, kind, more professional than anyone I’ve ever worked with, and more emotionally mature than I ever was at that age.” But it isn’t just Shipka; it’s all the young people on the show. “She shows a very different generation nowadays,” Davis explained. “When I am around the young ones on the show, they teach me so much. I love being around them, their energy and their light that they bring with them, it’s wonderful to be around. It’s wonderful to bask in.”

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