Weird Wednesday: Be The World’s Worst Cat in ‘Catlateral Damage’

Jack DeVries
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Every week we here at FANDOM point you to the strange corners of the gaming world, where the wackiest, scariest, most hilarious, and unnerving games reside. This is the sweet spot of artistic vision and madness. Come with us on a journey to find the weirdest gems on Steam and the depths of game consoles indie games catalogs.

This week we’re highlighting Fire Hose Games’ quirky cat simulator, Catlateral Damage. Sitting somewhere between an homage to Katamari Damacy and an internet meme that has bloated itself into an Akira-style monster that is in danger of imploding, Catlateral Damage puts you in the shoes, er paws, of a cute little kitty… who wants to destroy everything in sight.

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Jack DeVries
I'm Jack! I like Pokemon, and sports themed anime shows where teenage boys cry a lot.
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