Which ‘Mummy’ Characters Might Return in the Dark Universe? [SPOILERS]

Kim Taylor-Foster

When you’re dealing with the supernatural, anything’s possible. And when a film deals in the undead, it’s highly likely that death isn’t necessarily the end for any of the characters. FANDOM spoke to the director and cast of The Mummy and pumped them for information about whether their characters will return to fight another day. WARNING: there are SPOILERS in the video and article.

“Hopefully you’ll see Tom’s character again,” says The Mummy director and series creator Alex Kurtzman. “And obviously Annabelle’s character Jenny is probably going off to find him, and we’ll see what happens with Ahmanet.”

Actress Sofia Boutella who plays resurrected mummy Ahmanet teases: “I don’t think she’ll ever die really. I think her physical appearance changes but not her spirit.”

Ahmanet appears to die at the end of the film but Boutella hints that there may well be more to come from this particular Universal monster: “She stayed alive in that sarcophagus for 5,000 years so why not for another two years? That’s nothing to her.”

Annabelle Wallis, who plays archaeologist Jenny Halsey in the film, says that we’ll probably find out more about her character later on. Without revealing too much for those who have yet to see the film, something happens to Jenny that may or may not have fundamentally changed her.

A Classic Transformation?

“I would like to delve a little deeper into her dark side,” says Wallis. “Into, you know, this mystery about her that I think unravels a very exciting truth that we’ll come to know. I just want to play with the idea that potentially she could become a classic monster. Or not.”

Jake Johnson, who plays Tom Cruise’s character’s right-hand man, Chris Vail, is hopeful that his character will return – suggesting there’s more to come from him.

“I hope the writers write me into the next adventure because this one was a lot of fun to make and I think there’s more story to be told,” he says.

He elaborates on the transformation his character goes through in the movie, adding: “Is my character supernatural at the end of this movie? The answer to that would be yes. You know, he gets killed and then gets a curse on him and comes back from the dead and he haunts Tom’s character. And then at the end, Tom’s character brings him back but takes away the Mummy, if you will – takes the Mummy out of him. So I don’t think that just goes away. I think that’s still in him but he appears to look a lot nicer.”

It certainly sounds like we’ll see all of these characters again in the Dark Universe – whether that’s in the next instalment, The Bride of Frankenstein, remains to be seen.

The Mummy hits screens on June 9.

Kim Taylor-Foster
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