Minoru Tanaka Is the Death Note's New Master
Set 10 years after 'Death Note' ended, the new one-shot features a different kind of protagonist — one without a sense of justice.
Death Note Wiki
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Harley Quinn Gets the 'Birds of Prey' Together ... Eventually
Honest Trailers smashes into the fantabulous world where Jared Leto's Joker never existed.
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Trolls Rules: How The Trolls World Works
As 'Trolls World Tour' takes to the (home entertainment) stage, dive into the wacky rules of the Trolls universe.
Kim Taylor-Foster
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Why ‘Persona 5 Royal’s Virtual Tourism is Needed RN
The addictive routine of the is something of a saving grace to both introverts & extroverts during these odd times.
Daniel Hollis
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Is Anya Taylor-Joy Gearing Up to Play Furiosa in Her Origin Story?
The Loop puts the pedal to the metal to take you through all the shiny and chrome new details and mad machinations behind the 'Mad Max' prequel.
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'Star Trek: Picard's Finale Fired Up to Maximum Warp
The Loop breaks down what you might have missed, what our eagle-eyed Star Trek wiki users didn't, and what now lies ahead for 'Picard's new crew.
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The Weird and Wonderful History of Resident Evil
With 'Resident Evil 3' remake upon us, trace the franchise through its horrifying highs and lows across nearly 25 years. 
James McMahon
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Troy Baker Says ‘The Last of Us 2’ Will Make Us 'Question Everything'
The BAFTA-nominated actor also re-affirms that Joel will play a 'central role,' and his reaction to hearing the story.
Tom Regan
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The Powers WWE’s Bray Wyatt Seems to Have (So Far)
With WrestleMania 36 here, we take a look at the otherworldly abilities The Fiend himself, Bray Wyatt, has used against his opponents.
Matt Fowler
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Honest Trailers Releases the Snyder Cut
Zack Snyder's mythic cut of 'Justice League' fixes every plot hole in the theatrical release by having all of the possible plots at once.
Meredith Paul
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