Play Along With The All-‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’ Edition of ‘Fandom 5’

Lon Harris
Fandom 5 TV
Fandom 5 TV Animation

Our new series, Fandom 5, allows viewers to turn all of their voluminous knowledge about their favorite fandoms into big cash prizes, and the recent Avatar: The Last Airbender edition was no different.

Live viewers were selected at random to answer five bending-themed trivia questions of increasing difficulty, and when they got five in a row right… well, that equals $150! Plus ONE lucky contestant gets to come back at the end of the show for a shot at a $500 grand prize. That’s a lot of cabbages!

Tune in now to play along and test your own Avatar knowhow, and stay tuned to and follow us on Twitter for updates on the next exciting edition of the Fandom 5.

Lon Harris
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