Valentine’s Day Project: Yoda One

Antonio R. Castro

What do you plan to do this Valentine’s Day? We want to invite you to a very special wiki project as love is in the air!

Our goal is to improve these communities and prepare them for their next releases. Some of them will need just a few updates, but others will need a complete redesign. So let us guide you through the list and feel free to visit them and collaborate! We have created a dedicated Discord Server for coordinating this project, so don’t hesitate to join us there if you want to collaborate.



To All the Boys I Loved Before Wiki

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before is a popular YA book series, and the Netflix adaptation of the second book happens to be premiering on the day we kick off this project! Let’s get the wiki ready for fans who will be discovering Lara Jean’s story for the first time. Longtime fans and wiki pros can lend their expertise and help build a community.

Visit our coordination portal to discover how you can help this community and the others, and to test your knowledge about rom-coms. Our goal is to revamp the community, so feel free to say hello to others and start to edit.

Suggestions of content to be improved

  1. Adding/updating character summaries
  2. Adding images where appropriate
  3. Creating relationship articles

Riverdale Wiki

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is back with more episodes and the titular witch continues to cast a spell on fans. If you’re not inclined to jump into Harvey vs Nicholas debates, don’t worry! This wiki also covers the always-entangled characters on Riverdale and the brand new show Katy Keene. So lots to do and talk about.

Suggestions of content to be improved

  1. Create key relationship pages for Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
  2. Update existing relationship pages for Riverdale

Sex Education Wiki

Sex Education is a British show that just had its second season released on Netflix. The wiki gets LOTS of viewers and it’s time to get some of those fans to participate! What are the burning questions you have about the characters? Who are your favorite couples? What’s missing from the wiki?

Suggestions of content to be improved

  1. Main page (link)
  2. Episode table updates
  3. Episode page expansions (link)
  4. Cast page updates (link)

Shipping Wiki

There are few fan pastimes more fun than shipping your favorite characters. And of course Fandom has a whole wiki dedicated to this topic! Jump in here and help users explore and debate their suggested pairings in a judgement-free way.

Suggestions of content to be improved

  1. Expand all stubs
  2. Fix pages with broken file links
  3. Update pages from this list (link)
  4. Review rest of To-Do List (link)

Antonio R. Castro
Antonio R. Castro is part of Fandom from May 2007. Helper for 3 years focused on ES community and since 2011 he's member of Fandom staff. He's working currently as Community Manager. Fan of wikis, videogames, Star Wars, Song of Ice and Fire and any TV series pre or post Breaking Bad.